HPE GreenLake's secure and efficient VDI solution is simple to buy and designed for rapid deployment. Support a wide range of user requirements, align costs to users as you pay per desktop, and scale seamlessly when you need to.

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Get the HPE GreenLake experience

Virtual desktop infrastructure with HPE GreenLake provides the benefits of on-premises security and performance with the flexibility and simplicity of the cloud. And with built-in services and simplified billing, you can move fast without the heavy upfront cost.

  • Hardware and software installed in your own environment
  • Simplified design, migration and management leveraging deep VDI expertise and tools
  • Services to meter, monitor, and manage capacity ahead of demand
  • Seamless scalability to respond quickly to the needs of the business
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Keep your business up and running

Enable your remote workforce, and keep your business moving forward no matter what curveballs challenge continuity. Adapt quickly with a fast and secure VDI environment that enables access to on-premises applications from any device.

Retain full control of your environment

HPE manages the platform to which they are deployed with a focus on keeping it available, performant, and reliable. We support, operate, and manage the platform up to, but not including the desktop virtual machines.

Choose Citrix or VMware

We partner with both Citrix and VMware innovative, enterprise-class VDI solutions.

Help in the crisis

During the first 6 months, use your VDI systems with no minimum, only pay for the desktops that you use.


HPE GreenLake VDI lighthouse program is different. It is not DIY, not public cloud, and not DaaS. Customers can choose from a range of fixed performance tiers in any combination.

On average, HPE GreenLake customers report:

75 percent

Shortened time to market

Easy capacity planning and a ready-to-use buffer speeds the deployment of global IT projects. 1

30 percent

CAPEX savings

Eliminating overprovisioning and technology refresh spending cuts costs. 2

40 percent

IT resource saving

Support, administration, and planning are included with HPE GreenLake services. 3


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Leverage HPE's service in time of crisis
HPE is here to help and if you need temporary VDI capacity, start using the solution now, and pay for only what you use for six months. After that you will have the normal HPE GreenLake agreement with reserve and variable payments.