Enterprise Network Security

What is Enterprise Network Security?

Enterprise network security is the array of security measures taken by an enterprise to prevent and resolve real-time attacks on their data.

Why is enterprise network security important?

If your enterprise does not implement network security, both internal data and customers’ private data become more vulnerable to attack. 

With an enterprise’s network acting as a highway for all data traffic, facilitating movement, storage, and access, the security of the network is absolutely critical. Enterprise server structure should be the strongest defense against attack, built with security innovations to safeguard the network and simultaneously recover from any successful attacks.

As hackers increasingly target business networks, at least one business falls to ransomware attacks every eleven seconds. Not only is network security necessary within the infrastructure of your network properties, but it is needed down to the silicon root, which is made accessible through a trusted supply chain.

How do you secure an enterprise network?

The most common networks for enterprise organizations include Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and cloud networks. By taking a few steps to secure your enterprise network, you can effectively make your enterprise less vulnerable to attack and increase the speed of recovery. By incorporating these security elements, you can safeguard your data from interference and theft.

  • Utilizing Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2) allows your organization to encrypt your network routers, effectively revoking unauthorized access or use. When WPA2 is in place, your business network hub becomes less vulnerable to data theft through password-protected access.
  • Incorporating a virtual private network (VPN) enables secure, remote access to your organization’s network resources and data. This can be especially beneficial if your employees need secure access to the company’s data while travelling. VPNs typically have a feature that immediately removes any hardware from a network if there is any compromised connection or if a connection to the protected network is lost.
  • Installing web app firewalls (WAF) keeps both employee and customer data safe and secure by disabling detected hacker interference within your online portal, site, or apps.

HPE and enterprise network security

To help enterprises navigate the growing complexities and stay ahead of threats, HPE builds in Zero Trust technologies and solutions that dynamically verify, authenticate, and secure your data and applications. Experience protection for your data infrastructure, workloads, and applications from silicon to cloud with customizable packages by HPE Security Solutions.

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