Entry Storage Systems

Simple, affordable storage solutions for small sites and remote offices that need to compete big.

HPE Entry Level Storage Solutions

Start Small and Grow

Affordable, flexible storage that scales to accommodate your intentional growth and adapts automatically when the unexpected happens to keep you up and running. Easy to manage with rich features including support for solid-state drives. Get direct attached storage to extend your servers, NAS appliances for file sharing, and flexible shared storage arrays for physical and virtual applications.

Enterprise Storage Capabilities


Entry Level Enterprise Capabilities

HPE is bringing the power of flash and other enterprise storage capabilities down to the price and simplicity levels that can benefit nearly any organization in the market for shared storage. In this video, HPE technology experts talk about two entry-level products, the MSA 2042 and StoreVIrtual 3200 - both give enterprise-class performance and allow you to start small and scale into the future.


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HPE MSA arrays sold


HPE StoreVirtual Deployments

Affordable Storage Systems Without Limitation

You’re Not Limited by Budget 

Cost effectively combine the #1 entry storage with the #1 x86 server by adding StoreVirtual or MSA to HPE ProLiant servers. Start out with low cost SAS or iSCSI connections then swap to Fibre Channel down the road. Or skip the SAN completely with Virtual Storage Array (VSA) technology.

You’re Not Limited by Complexity

IT generalists and application administrators can easily setup and manage powerful data storage solutions from HPE—often with familiar tools from VMware and Microsoft. NAS solutions offer easy sharing of file data. SAN products can be setup in minutes.


You’re Not Limited by Downtime

An entry-level budget doesn’t make downtime any more acceptable. With features like hardware and network RAID, stretch cluster support, snapshots and remote replication, the HPE Entry Storage portfolio keeps you up and running.


You’re Not limited by Performance

Address the needs of your performance hungry applications with built-in flash to accelerate workloads from Day 1. Consolidate the data from most of your applications, including performance-intensive databases as well as productivity apps like Microsoft SQL and Exchange. 


Compete Big at Any Size

Compete Big at Any Size
Who says you have to be big to generate big revenue? With the right small or midsize business IT solution you can stay competitive in a fast-moving data storage marketplace.

Make Your Storage Solutions Even Faster and More Efficient

Application Integration

Learn about next-gen, entry-level storage integration to simplify and enhance any virtualized client or server project, and explore reference architectures for greater performance from critical business application workloads.

Technology Innovations

Unique HPE StoreVirtual innovations deliver data optimization to respond to the unpredictable application demands of cloud and ITaaS environments, and more cost-effective capacity utilization for IT initiatives of every kind.

HPE + Nimble Storage: Be Part of the Flash Storage Revolution

HPE + Nimble Storage: Be Part of the Flash Storage Revolution
Learn how HPE's acquisition of Nimble Storage means a faster, smarter, flash storage portfolio for your business.


目錄 : See the depth and breadth of our portfolio, find products fast, or browse all storage


See the depth and breadth of our portfolio, find products fast, or browse all storage

視訊 - 2:17

This tool helps you compare options and select the right storage products for your business.

宣传册 : 了解 HPE MSA 2040 Storage: 面向入门级 SAN 客户的中端市场功能

了解 HPE MSA 2040 Storage: 面向入门级 SAN 客户的中端市场功能

HPE MSA 2040 Storage 产品介绍: 获取面向入门级 SAN 客户(希望采用最新的旋转或固态驱动器技术)的功能之规格。

宣传册 : HPE MSA 1040 Storage: 面向中小型企业的入门级功能

HPE MSA 1040 Storage: 面向中小型企业的入门级功能

HPE MSA 1040 Storage 产品介绍: 发现采用最新的共享存储技术的经济实惠、入门级 MSA 阵列。

白皮书 : 将 HPE P2000 G3 MSA 升级至 HPE MSA 1040/2040 的详细步骤

将 HPE P2000 G3 MSA 升级至 HPE MSA 1040/2040 的详细步骤

将现有 P2000 G3 MSA 存储系统升级至 HPE MSA 2040 SAN、HPE MSA 2040 SAS 存储系统或 HPE MSA 1040 存储系统。

白皮书 : 适用于模块化智能阵列的智能解决方案: 优化 HPE MSA 1040/2040

适用于模块化智能阵列的智能解决方案: 优化 HPE MSA 1040/2040

获取有关部署和优化 HPE MSA 1040/2040 的详尽最佳做法。

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    Based on IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker, Q1 2016, external disk subsystems, entry storage category by Factory Revenue.