Agile, scalable network switches for the mobile-first campus and branch—from edge to core.

Network switch technology that’s futureproof

Planning networking infrastructure around your business’s potential future needs can be challenging, even for someone with experience in the field. Businesses evolve in sometimes unexpected ways and this can mean your network is bogged down sooner than you thought.

Address tomorrow’s problems today

If you invested in what should have been sufficient networking infrastructure, only to find your network slowed by increases in traffic and the number of devices trying to access it, you’re not alone.

This is why HPE is so interested in futureproof network switch technology. We want to build hardware that not only solves today’s problems, but that also addresses the problems of tomorrow. The goal is for our network switches to be able to handle the massive amounts of network traffic businesses have right now, as well as the increase in network data that will surely come in the future.


Increase traffic without overwhelming your network

HPE makes it possible to have a network that is secure, fast, and simple, but that also doesn’t go down when your business’s traffic increases. Our network switch technology helps your network navigate additional usage and devices as efficiently as possible. 

Digital transformation starts with modern networking

Digital transformation is all about changing a company’s culture, processes, and attitude towards adopting new technology so it becomes agile and forward-thinking. Suddenly, IoT technology will be able to automatically restock warehouses without going through an intermediary. Mobile-first technology will give customers the best experience with your business possible. Employees will use digital tools to collaborate and get their jobs done faster. All of these things and more are emerging and will continue to evolve. However, without an efficient, reliable, and secure network, digital transformation cannot take place. The digital workplace is the workplace of the future. With more and more enterprises beginning the process of digital transformation, it’s only a matter of time before businesses that choose not to transform are abandoned by the market. In order to get started, network switch technology is the foundation.

Solutions for today’s traffic acceleration


New technology is developed all the time. A single large tech company can produce a faster, better, more reliable device every year, flooding the market with hardware that needs a network. As businesses start the process of digital transformation and turn to IoT technology, this trend shows no signs of stopping. For businesses that invested in older technology, this means bogged down networks and slow connections. Aruba network switch technology addresses this issue by providing high-speed connectivity to all devices. It facilitates every connection so that users have the best experience possible.

An answer to new security challenges


It was much easier to anticipate security challenges when there were only a few types of devices on the network. However, with new types of devices introduced every year, there are new, previously unanticipated security vulnerabilities. Aruba network switch technology was developed to combat this issue and securely connect multiple device types while still providing the fastest possible data delivery to each. It gives you network visibility so you know exactly what devices are connected and can have the peace of mind that comes with security. It also automates network segmentation, or the process by which a network is split into subnetworks. This means that not only are more devices able to connect, but that those connections become more secure.

A happier IT department


The demands of today’s IT are not the demands of yesterday’s IT. Every year, more tasks are required of enterprise IT, while the IT department receives the same amount of resources. This means IT is increasingly spread thin, but is still expected to deliver results. Aruba network switch technology isn’t just fast and secure, it’s also incredibly scalable. This means it handles accelerating network traffic efficiently and can be easily upgraded in the event of a traffic increase. This gives the IT department the time it needs to react to an increase in traffic without the network going down.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure

One of the major perks of using Aruba for your network switch needs is that it fits in with the other Aruba infrastructure your business already owns. So, instead of having to replace all of your infrastructure just so your network runs more efficiently, Aruba network switches integrate seamlessly with the Aruba hardware you already have.

HPE Switch Selector

Choose exactly the right network switch to meet your needs. With the HPE Switch Selector, you can view our complete line of network switches, filter the switches by options like port count or speed, compare features, and get full tech specs.

A solution for every network

Whether you’re upgrading or designing your campus or branch network, we have the right switch solution, plus industry-leading network and security management.



通过使用现有的园区布线提供快速网络接入和 PoE 供电,为 802.11ac Wave 2 及更高网络制式铺平道路。


Aruba AirWave 网络管理

Aruba AirWave 网络管理



Aruba ClearPass policy management

Aruba ClearPass policy management

Gain industry-leading visibility with smart policies for mobility and IoT across any multi-vendor wired or wireless network.

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Small and Growing Businesses

Small and Growing Businesses

Smart-managed switches enhance network performance while reducing cost and complexity.

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College reaps 166% ROI with Aruba 8400 switching

IDC found that Friesland College is on track to reach 166% ROI in three years and payback in just 13 months with a new high-bandwidth, mobile-friendly Aruba 8400 switch solution.

Make your small or midsized business more efficient

When you’re running on limited resources, it’s important to be as efficient as possible. Similarly, you don’t want to be slowed down by managing one more piece of hardware. Fortunately, Aruba network switch technology works on your network automatically so that you don’t have to spend time, energy, or money thinking about it. This allows you to devote your resources to things that can help your business move forward.


解决方案简介 : Aruba 园区交换功能:现代数字工作场所的基础


Aruba 园区交换功能:现代数字工作场所的基础

案例研究 : Aruba 可创造竞争差异化优势,带来更卓越的学习体验


Aruba 可创造竞争差异化优势,带来更卓越的学习体验

案例研究 : Aruba 千兆位 Wi-Fi + 有线网络解决方案改造了 Ledyard 学区


Aruba 千兆位 Wi-Fi + 有线网络解决方案改造了 Ledyard 学区

案例研究 : Aruba 帮助 Hoosic Valley 中心学区更新了其网络


Aruba 帮助 Hoosic Valley 中心学区更新了其网络

案例研究 : Aruba 提供快速、可靠和安全的移动技术,带来现代化的高等教育体验


Aruba 提供快速、可靠和安全的移动技术,带来现代化的高等教育体验

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