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System design, services, partnerships, tools and resources that accelerate real-time insights from artificial intelligence and deep learning.

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Infrastructure for neural networks

Deep learning, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI), is about enabling computers to learn new concepts from raw data – much like the human mind. A deep learning system, for example, can spot the difference between a flower and a tree after viewing thousands of images of each. Deep learning requires extreme compute, I/O and networks, as well as exponential scaling. Traditional IT infrastructure is inadequate – you need optimal platforms designed with deep expertise.

Artificial intelligence – a smart business move

AI can amplify human capabilities and turn exponentially growing data into insight, action and value – creating your competitive edge. Navigate this fast-changing field and realise the promise of AI, from IoT to cloud to data centre, with a trusted global enterprise partner. Only HPE is delivering on a roadmap to create more powerful, flexible, secure and efficient computing and data architectures, powering AI from edge to cloud to core.


of developer teams will include AI functionality in one or more applications by 2018.1


of all digital transformation initiatives will be enabled by AI by 2019.1


of all effective IoT efforts will be supported by AI capabilities by 2019.1

A range of AI and deep learning capabilities

Regardless of where you are in your AI journey, it’s important to tailor the right solution for your business-specific AI needs. From strategic advising to purpose-built technology, put our AI and deep learning expertise to work for you, unraveling the complexity and creating your ideal, end-to-end AI solution.

Targeted AI tools and resources

Seeing the potential in AI and implementing an AI solution are two different things. Reach your goals with the right tools for an optimal AI configuration.

Right-sized AI infrastructure

Realising faster business outcomes begins with putting the right compute and storage infrastructure into place, whether you’re scaling out or just starting out.

Validated partner ecosystem

Navigating the partner ecosystem for AI and deep learning can be daunting. Find a trusted partner that collaborates with industry-proven hardware and software partners.

  • “Through our partnership with SGI, and now HPE, the Tokyo Institute of Technology has worked successfully to deliver a converged world-leading HPC and deep learning platform that can address our requirements and those of our nation.”

    Satoshi Matsuoka Professor and TSUBAME Leader, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Real-time insights for customers

“HPE's enhanced collaboration with NVIDIA for deep learning…aims to use automated intelligence to enable real-time insights for customers.”

Steve Conway, Hyperion Research

Innovative tools to accelerate deep learning

AI and deep learning hold the potential to fuel groundbreaking innovation in nearly every industry – if you have the tools and know-how to implement them. Take advantage of our comprehensive, complementary tools and solutions to untangle the complexity and create your end-to-end AI solution, from the core data centre to the intelligent edge.

HPE Artificial Intelligence Transformation Workshop

Dive into the realm of AI with a highly interactive one-day workshop that provides consulting expertise to help you get started with AI, evolve your strategic data and analytics initiatives, and prioritize your AI use cases.

HPE Deep Learning Cookbook

Characterise your deep learning workloads and get a recommendation for the optimal hardware/software stack for your workloads. Components include a Benchmarking Suite for deep learning, reference designs and the HPE Deep Learning Performance Guide.

AI computing acceleration with HPE Apollo 6500

Speed up the training process for your AI model with massively parallel GPU accelerators. With support for eight high-performance GPUs, the HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 system slashes AI training time by delivering dramatic increases in application performance.

AI and deep learning services

Artificial Intelligence Transformation Workshop

Artificial Intelligence Transformation Workshop

Get your key decision makers up-to-speed on foundational AI concepts during our one-day artificial intelligence transformation workshop.

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HPE Pointnext

HPE Pointnext

Enlist HPE Pointnext digital transformation services to help you with planning, design and implementation.

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Operational Support Services

Operational Support Services

Offboard day-to-day IT tasks like preventing and resolving problems, enabling your staff to take care of your business instead.

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Consumption-based models

Consumption-based models

Lower your costs when you pay only for the services you use to reach the outcomes you want.

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AI and deep learning partner ecosystem

Discover new platforms and build new provider relationships, or work within your existing environment and vendor list with our network of trusted partners.

Solutions development

Solve business problems with our solutions for deep learning, like HPE-Kinetica fraud detection.

Technology innovation

Get help with roadmap integration for next-gen systems, engineering collaboration for new products and interoperability testing.

Technology adoption

Plan and deploy deep learning solutions and modernise your code with help from our Centres of Excellence.

Customers win with AI and deep learning

Saagie speeds big data and AI with new DataFabric

Saagie wanted to industrialise the processing of big data and AI on a platform dedicated to data science. Its new system improved one project delivery time from 18 months to two days.

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Solving big healthcare puzzles with AI

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center applied artificial intelligence to big data analytics to answer big questions about cancer genomics and autism.

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1 McKinsey AI Report, 2017