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Welcome to the future of IT: On-premises, pay-per-use solutions for your top workloads that enable consumption-based IT.

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It’s a consumption-based world

We live in a consumption world – music, TV shows, groceries, air travel and much more. Why? Because consuming services delivers a better outcome faster, in our personal lives and in business.

Meet HPE GreenLake: An exciting new IT consumption model

HPE GreenLake is a unique suite of on-premises, consumption-based solutions for your top workloads – big data, backup, database platform, SAP HANA, and edge computing – delivered on your terms. HPE GreenLake leverages HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, a service from HPE Pointnext that lets you consume your choice of infrastructure.

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You can consume the outcomes you want

Whether it’s real-time analytics, connecting devices at the edge, or protecting apps and data – business leaders now widely prefer to consume the outcomes they want, when they want them, and pay only for what they consume.

Deliver outcomes that meet expectations

HPE GreenLake helps you deliver the business outcomes your business demands. Take advantage of our suite of consumption-based IT solutions – designed, delivered and operated by HPE Pointnext – with a simple, pay-per-use financial model, leveraging HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, the leader in pay-as-you-go consumption models.

Faster time to value

Implement faster by leveraging modern, tested architectures for initial design. Grow and evolve ahead of needs with active capacity planning, so capacity is always ready to provision in minutes, not months, for the next project or customer.

Use-based costs

Benefit from cost on par with public cloud. Use a simple pay-per-use metric – you tell us what you need, we deliver it, and you pay for the outcome. Align IT spend to your business priorities with business-friendly payments.

Simplified IT experience

Put your resources where they add value, offload the rest with one partner to optimise, operate, and support the full stack. Deliver reliability, availability, and resilience. Leverage the broad skills and efficiencies of HPE.

Proper control on premises

Maintain control over compliance, privacy, data sovereignty, latency, and security. Gain the transparency of usage and cost that you need to effectively govern IT. Move to consumption-based IT at your pace.

Comprehensive solution features


Leverage HPE advisory and professional services expertise to help you define, deploy and integrate your solution and continually optimise systems and processes.

Purpose-built reference architectures

Deliver results quickly with architectures incorporating the latest hardware and software technologies, built to your specific needs.


Leverage HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, the foundation of HPE consumption-based solutions, for ongoing capacity planning and management so your solution evolves with your needs.

Remote monitoring and management

Gain flexibility in IT operations but retain control by out-tasking routine data centre work to HPE with 24x7 remote monitoring and management.

Enterprise-grade support

Get ongoing operational support along with e-learning of your choice, tailored to the way you operate.

Enterprise software

Deliver outcomes with software from our partners for a platform built ready to use.

Complete consumption solutions

More turnkey than ever before. Leverage fully designed and integrated packages for quick results.

HPE GreenLake Edge Compute

Solutions that power insights and control where you build your product, services, and richer experiences for your customers. Designed, implemented and operated for you on a pay-as-you-go model.  

HPE GreenLake Backup

Delivers instant on, on-premises backup capacity, managed for you. You pay by how much you back up monthly. Commvault software is pre-integrated on the latest HPE technology – with our metering technology and management services to run it for you.

HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA

A fully managed on-premises appliance with right-sized hardware, OS and services to meet workload performance and availability objectives. Designed to deliver the performance, security and control required for the most demanding mission-critical apps.

HPE GreenLake Database with EDB Postgres

Simplify operations and substantially reduce TCO for your entire database platform with a solution that allows you to focus on applications, data insights, and usage. Maintain security on premises and avoid platform lock-in.

HPE GreenLake Big Data

Put your data scientists to work with Apache Hadoop® datalake, pre-integrated and tested on the latest HPE technology. No need to re-engineer the datasets, no security or repatriation risk associated with shipping your data off premises.

Consumption-based infrastructure

Design your solution on the platform of your choice while leveraging HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity for on-demand capacity, the benefits of public cloud, and the security of on-premises IT.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity

Have a cloud-like experience for on-premises infrastructure including variable payments based on actual metered usage, rapid scalability using an onsite buffer of extra capacity, and enterprise-grade support.

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Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack

Gain consumption-based economics and scalability using the ProLiant for Azure Stack with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity. Flexible capacity provides capacity management and variable monthly payments based on metered usage of Azure Stack and HPE Pointnext services.

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Hybrid HPC

Hybrid HPC

Combine the power of industry-leading, high-performance computing infrastructure with HPE Pointnext services in a pay-per-use model that scales with your needs. Collaborate with specialists to help design, build, and deploy your HPC environment.

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Docker containers

Docker containers

Build a platform using Docker container software and your choice of HPE server, storage, and networking, all in a pay per use model with HPE GreenLake Flexible Capacity. Give your business the right technology and pay-per-container node.

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Now is the time for next

In a world where everything computes, HPE Pointnext is the trusted partner that can guide you on your digital transformation journey, and help point you towards what’s next.


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Solution Brief : HPE delivers a paradigm shift with consumption-based IT

Solution Brief

HPE delivers a paradigm shift with consumption-based IT

Solution Brief : Consumption-based infrastructure on your terms

Solution Brief

Consumption-based infrastructure on your terms

Infographic : Gain public cloud advantages while retaining on-premises control


Gain public cloud advantages while retaining on-premises control

Brochure : Gain cloud flexibility and on-premises control with HPE GreenLake


Gain cloud flexibility and on-premises control with HPE GreenLake

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What Is Consumption Based IT? A Primer For Your Business

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