HPE GreenLake for File Storage

Accelerate AI and other data-intensive workloads with enterprise performance at scale.

Leverage an intuitive cloud experience

Simplify data management and transform faster with enterprise-grade, scale-out file storage. Empower your data science teams with rich data services as you speed time to insight, drive innovation, and gain competitive advantage.

Unleash enterprise performance at AI-scale

Power your most demanding workloads — including AI, HPC, life sciences, and media — with a high-performance architecture that delivers high availability, exabyte scale, and higher efficiency at lower cost. Scale performance and capacity independently and without disruption.

Simplify data management with an intuitive cloud experience

Unified storage management, monitoring, and protection enable you to handle massive amounts of file data across your hybrid cloud with ease. Get up and running faster via automatic onboarding and configuration, easy file share creation, and streamlined operations with non-disruptive upgrades and proactive support.

Enhance productivity with faster time to insight

Unlock value and advantage from your data as you accelerate your data pipelines. Slash time to insight and gain a competitive edge by enhancing the productivity of your data scientists and line of business application owners. A global namespace powers collaboration — while a superior file data infrastructure drives higher ROI.

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Top 12 reasons to choose HPE GreenLake for File Storage

Accelerate your data-driven transformation with file storage that delivers enterprise performance at scale and an intuitive cloud experience from edge to cloud. Drive data-intensive apps, reduce time to insight, and unlock the value of your data.

Supercharge your data-intensive apps

Enhance the productivity of your data scientists and line of business application owners with radically simple data management across hybrid cloud.

On-Premises Scale-Out Storage Services for Data-Intensive Workloads

Read IDC's analysis of the value of as-a-service block and file storage running on common HPE Alletra Storage MP hardware and managed through the HPE GreenLake platform with a unified cloud experience.

HPE GreenLake for File Storage architecture

Learn about the innovative architecture that enables enterprise performance at scale — even at exabyte capacities.

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