Edge Network

What is an Edge Network?

An edge network is a data architecture strategically organized to provision compute to the edge devices within a network, offsetting processing power requirements from the main servers by allowing the devices to do a majority of the processing work.

What is a cloud edge network?

A cloud edge network is a data architecture strategically organized to push compute and power to the edge devices within a network. This process offsets compute capacity requirements from the main servers by provisioning edge devices to do a majority of the processing work to optimize distribution of digital resources. By removing the pressure of processing and compute needs, the servers are available for tasks that end-point devices are not capable of. This benefits the efficiency of your data architecture and keeps you directly connected to end users.

Cloud edge networks create new possibilities for organizations due to lowered latency–app and platform usage can be maintained despite extremely high traffic. This means businesses not only alleviate demand from their own servers but also have the option to eliminate unnecessary data from the cloud.

How does edge networking work?

Edge networking is a data management process, supplying digital resources to users by combining your edge devices and your on-premises servers to the cloud to process, store, and analyze data. Everyone who is utilizing your data infrastructure will be connected to each other’s devices via the cloud to complete minor processing tasks. Creating a vast network of devices allows for processing larger workloads and problem solving from edge-to-cloud, without requiring the power of a large data center.

The process of edge networking works via an established connection between an organization’s servers and IoT devices to build a broader, more efficient data architecture. With the massive workloads that organizations face, along with the hybrid digital environment that today’s industries require, edge technology is absolutely critical to the success of enterprise organizations. With increased connectivity comes increased uses for IoT devices. This connectivity makes edge networking essential to build and maintain secure data architectures, effecting both consumers and organizations.

For organizations without access to large data centers or high compute capacity, massive workloads were previously unattainable. Or there was a limit on processing capacity of servers, effectively hindering larger workloads. With edge networking, connected devices can process data without utilizing the resources and compute capacity of the physical servers themselves, alleviating demand on the central servers, and problem-solving more efficiently than ever.

What are the features of edge networking?

Edge networking provides a range of features and benefits within enterprise data environments.

  • Provides ultra-fast connectivity and dynamic app deployment while simultaneously minimizing latency
  • Promotes a more seamless user experience, establishing greater consumer satisfaction
  • Establishes support for the broad range of IoT devices that are within the data architecture/network
  • Creates synchronization and any necessary duplication of data edge to cloud
  • Hosts and verifies all data traffic for analytics optimization
  • Decreases bandwidth utilization, further lowering cost of maintenance and storage capacity required within the physical data center
  • Provides robust support by integrating remote and on-premises services
  • Offers opportunities for scalability, without sacrificing security or speed

HPE and edge networking

HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud services set a new precedent for enterprise edge networking needs by providing the digital transformation and expertise you need to thrive in the new normal. As hybrid work environments have dominated every industry, you need the right technology to respond quickly and support the increasing demand for seamless customer solutions. HPE edge technology establishes a communication infrastructure that evolves with your business to support your digital transformation journey.

HPE GreenLake for VDI empowers your remote workforce by supporting their needs for secure access to your network, on an as-needed basis. The pay-as-you-go structure of HPE GreenLake for VDI allows for scalability and evolution of your business, supports workers in trusted or untrusted environments, and keeps your data and intellectual property safeguarded within your data center.

HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems powers integration of your OT data acquisition and control technologies directly into the enterprise IT system. This convergence is secure and critical, saving your organization space, weight, and power (SWaP). By switching to a converged edge compute model with HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems, your customers will gain real-time, local support and world-class security.