Container Platform

What is a Container Platform?

A container platform is a software solution that allows you to manage containerized applications. A container platform typically includes capabilities such as orchestration, monitoring, governance, security, and automation.  

How do container platforms work?

The container starts with a base image, and the microservice is packaged into a container image and then deployed through the container platform. The container platform is based on client-server software executing the container through three critical components: an API, daemon service, and a CLI interface. The container remains active until the microservice performs its role in the larger application, and then shuts down once the delivery is complete. The container can be activated repeatedly as needed.

What is container platform-as-a-service?

Container platform-as-a-service is a cloud-based service that allows developers to upload, run, and manage applications in virtualized containers.

Container platform-as-a-service includes framework and hardware components like servers, storage, and network architecture, as well as database management, and a variety of other necessary software components. It is structured to accommodate application development, deployment, and management.

Why container management platforms?

The main benefit of a container management platform is simplified control of clusters of container hosts. IT admins are able to start and stop containers, make updates, and maintain health status. Robust container management includes orchestration and schedulers, security tools, storage, and virtual network management systems and monitoring.

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise

Data is your most valuable asset, and the insights from your data help accelerate decision-making and profitability. HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise provides the tools you need to build, modernize, deploy, monitor, and manage a wide range of AI and analytics workloads to unleash your data’s full potential and accelerate your data-driven digital transformation. HPE Ezmeral is a purpose-built, hybrid cloud platform for data science and analytics workloads. Build and accelerate modern data analytics initiatives at scale with a complete orchestrated Kubernetes container platform, along with a built-in persistent storage layer and ML Ops for data science workflows.

Additionally, KubeDirector—an open-source custom Kubernetes controller—allows you to deploy and run non-cloud-native monolithic applications in containers without rearchitecting or refactoring them.

Accelerate and simplify container deployments and operations at scale with the flexibility to deploy on bare-metal or virtualized infrastructure, either on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. Best practices and automation help streamline operations and improve service level agreements.