HPE Gen10 Servers

Adapt performance to applications with the world’s most secure industry standard servers1 using HPE Scalable Persistent Memory and Intelligent System Tuning.

A new compute experience

Gen10 Servers are key to infrastructure modernisation, accelerating business insights across a hybrid world of traditional IT, public and private cloud.

See the future of data-intensive workload computing

Learn more about the new Gen10 Persistent Memory family and learn why it will improve your application response times.

Agility to deliver business results

Gen10 Servers help you be agile by making it easy to adapt your IT quickly to changing requirements with Intelligent System Tuning, HPE Persistent Memory and server networking and storage advances.

Security to protect your digital assets

Our Gen10 servers offer unique security features, down to the silicon. Our HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle offers best-in-class innovations in firmware protection, malware detection and firmware recovery.

Economic control for your bottom line

HPE gives you the ability to pay only for server resources used, scaling on demand without overprovisioning or incurring exponential costs. Flexible payment models align with business outcomes and can scale based on unpredictable future needs.

Introducing the HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10

Secure and flexible, the 2P 2U HPE ProLiant DL385 Gen10 Server delivers advanced performance for virtualisation and memory-centric workloads.


Boost in performance (Up to 71%) compared to previous generation.2


World Record performance for business apps and virtualization3 by HPE Synergy.


Teraflops per rack with HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10 server4

Let’s talk about Gen10 servers

Speak with an HPE server infrastructure expert to learn how Gen10 servers can help you realise your IT strategy.


Family Guide : HPE Rack and Tower family guide

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Intelligent HPE ProLiant servers give you the freedom to reimagine the server and start thinking in terms of compute for your business.

White Paper : HPE locks down server security

Read Server Security White Paper
White Paper | PDF | 317 KB

Moor Insights discusses how HPE has a strategy to stay ahead of the threats through its unique server firmware protection, detection and recovery capabilities.

Video : Ask the IT expert: Creating remote settings for HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers

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Video | 4:03

Ask the IT expert: Creating remote settings for HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers

White Paper : Hybrid IT helps business navigate through digital transformation

Hybrid IT Digital Transformation White Paper
White Paper | PDF | 389 KB

Moor Insights explores how businesses can achieve agility through a flexible, software-defined, scalable and composable hybrid IT environment.

Family Guide : HPE BladeSystem family guide

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HPE BladeSytem Family Guide

Family Guide : HPE Apollo Systems family guide

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HPE Apollo Systems Family Guide

Video : A First Look at the HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10

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Take a Look at Apollo 6000 Gen10 – video
Video | 6:24

A First Look at the HPE Apollo 6000 Gen10

Video : BASF develops one of the world’s largest supercomputers

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BASF develops Quriosity Top Supercomputer
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BASF develops one of the world’s largest supercomputers

1. HPE makes its own custom iLO server management silicon chipset for their Industry Standard Servers, which allows them to connect the firmware to the silicon.

Detection of Compromised Firmware Code by the “always on Protection” and unique ability to recover to a known good state of authentic, malware free firmware.

Unique Data Encryption at scale through our smart array controller cards.

HPE is the only industry standard server manufacturer to provide customers NIST 800-53 security controls on our full solution set of servers, networking, storage, software, and operating systems.

2. Intel® measurements. Up to 71% performance increase of Intel Xeon Platinum vs. previous generation E5 v4 average performance based on key industry-standard benchmark calculations comparing 2-socket Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 to E5-2699 v4 family processors. Any difference in system hardware or software design or configuration may affect actual performance. May 2017.

3. HPE Consolidate and save on Virtualisation costs. A Principled Technology report, upgrading to BL460c Gen9 servers reduces software licensing footprint and support costs by up to 75% yearly, November 2016. Gen10 servers will deliver further savings.

4. Intel® measurements. 205 Watts Processor: 32 double precision FLOPS x 28 cores x 2.5 GHz x 144 processors per rack = 323 TFLOPS per rack