A Supercomputing Journey Inspired by Curiosity

History of Cray Supercomputers

Extending the Boundaries of What’s Possible

It started with the vision of a single individual. Seymour Cray loved the art of designing computers. He loved the challenge of coaxing more and more speed out of circuits and wires. And he loved the allure of doing it all with simplicity and grace.

Mr. Cray formed Cray Research in 1972 to ask new questions. To realise his vision of the world’s fastest computing systems. He saw impossible, shrugged, and went back to his work.

With this vision and a small group of engineers, Cray produced the Cray-1 supercomputer. A masterpiece of engineering, the Cray-1 rewrote compute technology from processing to cooling to packaging. And it wrote a company and an industry permanently into history.

From the Cray-1 to HPE Cray

Cray Research’s mission at its start was to build the industry’s fastest computers and lead large-scale scientific computing. But as the company saw what people could do with those systems, the mission evolved. Simple speed expanded to include a commitment to helping solve scientific and industrial problems that make the world safer, healthier and smarter.

HPE shared the vision that began with Seymour Cray. In 2019, HPE acquired Cray and with it opened a new chapter in a vibrant, ongoing supercomputing journey.