Improving healthcare and life sciences with HPC

From the edge to the cloud, HPE is optimizing technology to tailor high-performance computing (HPC) for the needs of the scientific community.

Improving healthcare and life sciences with high performance computing

HPC allows healthcare and life sciences professionals to process data in near-real time and generate insights that can transform patient outcomes. Explore how you can take advantage of its possibilities.

HPC: Transforming health and life sciences from edge to cloud

Discover how HPE is helping health and life sciences organizations accelerate insights, simplify high-performance computing infrastructure deployment and become more cost-effective.

Get fast, accurate results with HPC

As the volume of data available to health and life science specialists proliferates, so do the opportunities to make groundbreaking discoveries that save lives. But time is of the essence. High performance computing can help professionals accurately analyze their data and improve outcomes for patients, from discovering new drugs to finding the best tailored treatment options. 

Drive results for research and patients with HPC

Discover how HPC technologies can help you tap into your data with AI models that improve treatment and research outcomes, now and in the future. 

HPE HPC Healthcare Solutions for today’s data demands

HPE High Performance Computing Solutions for today's data demands

Maximize what your infrastructure can do
HPE has long been committed to high-performance computing and delivering its benefits to all organizations. We help organizations leverage HPC technologies—including multiprocessing and parallel processing—to drive innovation.
We will continue to focus on offering “everything as a service” and ever-increasing performance from various technologies. This will help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation, enabling them to get out in front of the competition and meet the demands of new customers and market dynamics.

Explore more HPC solutions

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HPC from Edge to Cloud
HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform brings the cloud experience—self-serve, pay-per-use, scale up and down, and managed for you by HPE and our partners—to applications and data everywhere, in edges, colocations and data centers. This enables you to free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility and free up talent.