As the financial services industry’s (FSI) digital transformation accelerates, high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) help FSI organizations combat fraud, improve operational efficiency, and increase regulatory compliance. Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel® have pooled their expertise in FSI, HPC, and AI to help organizations reach these goals.

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Address the challenges of the financial services industry with HPC

Increasingly fast-paced, widespread digitization brings new challenges for the financial services industry. AI and HPC provide transformative opportunities, and solutions from HPE and Intel help organizations improve the performance of a wide range of FSI workloads, including risk analysis and management, security and financial crime, and pricing and hedging.

Building a modern HPC-Based risk management platform

See how the co-innovation between HPE and Intel is helping financial services organizations reach insights faster, improve accuracy and security, reduce risk, and scale as needed.

Manage risks, prevent fraud, and accelerate trading

Deploying high performance computing gives financial services organizations the tools to analyze huge volumes of data to detect and mitigate threats and expand the services you can offer your customers. 

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Tackle your biggest challenges with HPC

Discover how high performance computing can help the financial services industry protect customers and improve services.

Explore opportunities for new and improved financial services

Deploy HPC to help you tap into your data to transform your business and services, now and in the future.

Intel and HPE: Solutions for today’s data demands

Maximize what your infrastructure can do

The strategic HPC alliance of HPE and Intel solidifies our long-term commitment to high performance computing and delivers the benefits of HPC to all organizations. The partnership uses our combined resources to help organizations leverage HPC technologies—including multiprocessing and parallel processing—to drive innovation.

Intel and HPE have a long history of developing tried, tested solutions in collaboration together. Their forward trajectory is also well aligned, with HPE focusing on offering everything as a service by 2022, supported by intel technologies. This will help financial services accelerate their digital transformation as they come out of the pandemic, enabling them to manage risks, improve fraud detection and meet the demands of new customers and market dynamics.

Explore more solutions

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