United Kingdom DHL

Prior to scheduling the return:

  1. The RETURN LABELS for DHL should be ON (not in) the box you received .
  2. Prepare your HPE Case ID as a shipper’s reference (e.g. 53xxxxxx) .

(Note that Shipment contents will always be ‘computer parts’ and weight always ‘1kilo’.) 


To book a collection online:

  1. Go to: https://returns.dhl.co.uk/HPE/
  2. Please enter return reference the full HPE case number (e.g. 531051015-471-1)
  3. DHL AWB number Enter your 10 digit Air Waybill from your supplied DHL Shipping return label .
  4. If you have no DHL return label, leave this field blank and the system will generate a new PDF version .

Book a collection over the phone:

  1. Call: 0844 248 0844 Option 1. Please provide a contact name and number at the collection address.
  2. Quote your original full HPE case number (e.g. 531051015-471-1) and account number 185219271
  3. In case of missing return labels contact DHL Customer Services Tel. 01455204828/9 or request new ones via email: hpchubcsl@dhl.com.