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Workplaces are evolving along with the ways in which we do business. Organizations are investing in digital transformation to accelerate their growth, respond more quickly to demand, and communicate more effectively with their customers. Employees shouldn’t have to adapt to the workplace—workplaces should adapt to the needs of the workers and bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Learn how to deal with the challenges to build a hybrid workplace

At HPE we’re committed to bringing you the digital technologies critical to your business and for you to act and react throughout this crisis. We can quickly address the most pressing problems for your business to recover and help you maintain business continuity. From enabling remote work securely, to providing additional capacity where you need it most, the definition of the workplace is changing rapidly, and the changes won’t be temporary. Organizations are grappling with delivering a quality experience, so employees can work anywhere, at any time, from any location.

Get our expertise tailored to your immediate needs

Maintain productivity and business continuity with a hybrid approach. We’ll help you deliver a frictionless experience across workspaces, bringing people and technology together to unleash productivity and potential, regardless of physical location.

Small or midsized business

Virtual workplaces and remote working solutions allow employees to stay productive. We’re here to help you figure out the best IT path to get there—from remote desktop sharing to virtualization solutions to full digital workplaces. Work from home and virtualization solutions for SMBs can quickly and efficiently stand up remote infrastructure.

Healthcare professionals and first responders

For hospitals and first responders, mission critical connectivity and rapid response times are crucial. With HPE Pointnext Services, HPE Aruba Networking access points, and HPE Aruba Networking User Experience Insight (UXI), we help you ensure fast, continuous access for critical applications through “rapid-response” healthcare. HPE Aruba Networking also offers solutions for remote physicians who need secure access to patient record systems.

Virtual education and call centers

As call centers are forced to support remote working, and the majority of schools pivot to virtual education and distance learning, high-performance reliability to securely access records and resources is critical. HPE Aruba Networking offers solutions for anywhere education and call center responsiveness with IAP-VPN or Remote Access Points (RAPs).

Discover how we've helped with the real issues of new hybrid workplaces

How can you flexibly finance and modernize what you need right now?

The ability to quickly increase capacity and deliver a seamless experience across the distributed workplace is more important than ever. HPE GreenLake brings cloud speed, agility, and an as-a-service model to where your apps and data are today and tomorrow.

What can a hybrid workplace do for you

Enable secure remote working with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Choose the right virtual desktop infrastructure solutions for you to navigate the demands of a secure and productive remote workforce. Find your comprehensive portfolio of VDI solutions built to deliver secure, efficient access to applications and data and support a wide range of user requirements.

Ensure employees can safely return to offices, campuses and facilities

Return-to-work solutions delivered by HPE use insights from real-time data for faster, more accurate, automated workplace health and safety practices.

Maintain worker productivity through collaboration apps

Put your teams safely and securely at the centre of a borderless work world with seamless, secure access to corporate resources. HPE Pointnext Services can help you quickly establish secure, reliable connectivity and collaboration tools for remote workers. HPE Aruba Networking Remote Access Points (RAPs) extend your network connectivity to mobile workers quickly and securely. HPE Aruba Networking VIA VPN offers robust, highly-scalable VPN with zero touch provisioning, multi-level security, and remote management.

New ways of working require a new approach to storage

Unprecedented IT challenges and unpredictable demands are a huge challenge impacting businesses, with surges in application workloads and rapid drawdowns in storage capacity. We can help you quickly alleviate performance and capacity constraints and meet unexpected demands with HPE Nimble Storage. We’ll also help you free up data center space by migrating non-essential data to the cloud, leveraging HPE Cloud Volumes.

Maintain IT operations through remote management and IT automation solutions

Benefit from our offering of remote staff augmentation to help manage critical workloads. These mission-critical solutions offer immediate management from edge to cloud to core IT across key workloads, like SAP and databases. Services that monitor, operate, and optimize your infrastructure and applications, delivered consistently and globally to give you unified control and let you focus on innovation.

Resources to help

How can we help fund what you need to do?

We can help you in maintaining your business continuity and manage cash flow with financial and asset lifecycle solutions that help generate cash from existing assets, align payments to budgets, and relieve capacity strain.

Generate cash from assets

Accelerated migration

Convert existing IT assets into an incremental cash source while retaining use of the systems.

Tech buyback

Empty your storage rooms and put money into your pockets. Use excess technology to generate capital.

Defer or reduce expenses

Acquire now and pay later

Take advantage of our 90-day delayed payment structure to help ease tight budgets.

2020 Payment Relief Program

Acquire the IT your business needs today with reduced payment for the remainder of 2020 to help navigate temporary cash flow challenges.

Match payment to use

Extend deployment costs

Acquire compute and storage capacity now with the flexibility to configure, test, and stand up systems before paying. Deployment schedule can extend out 12 months.

Relieve capacity strain

Certified pre-owned technology

Use previous-generation HPE technology to meet budget or circumstance. Certified authentic and configured to your specifications.

Short term rentals

Rent certified pre-owned, factory-configured technology available with a warranty and eligible for support services.

Other support and services for your business to move into the next phase of productivity

We’re committed to our clients 24x7 during this crisis and to honoring our support and service delivery obligations to help you minimize loss of service and maintain your business continuity. And to mitigate impact on parts availability, we've doubled our inventory of high-usage parts and brought those parts closer to our customers' locations.

We're offering remote staff augmentation and management services to help manage your critical workloads from a safe and secure location. And our experienced HPE staff have the expertise to help ensure your business continuity and we are offering HPE MyRoom Visual Remote Guidance tools so you can work with them remotel.y

What else might help your business?

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