Security-first, AI-powered networking

Deliver the high performance and uninterrupted access your business demands while ensuring the highest security. With security-first, AI-powered networking from HPE Aruba Networking, your network becomes a security solution with AI-automated operations that ensure you can innovate with the least possible risk.  

Easing Zero Trust security adoption

Conquering the complexity of a reshaped landscape calls for networking that puts security first—activating Zero Trust principles intrinsically across all networking from edge to campus to data center to the cloud. 

Security-first: The network as a Zero Trust security solution

Provide a common Zero Trust foundation for networking and security teams.

Shared visibility

Streamline networking and security ops with a common truth. Both teams can operate from a combined data source to understand who and what is on the network. 

Global policy

Define once and apply everywhere. Business-driven policies based on identity and roles span the enterprise, eliminating painstaking maintenance of access controls. 


Consistently apply and automatically enforce role-based access policies from edge to cloud, regardless of how or where a user or device is connected, to support Zero Trust Security and SASE frameworks.

AI-automated operations

Multiply human power and mitigate risk with AI-driven operations that automate mundane onboarding, provisioning, and policy orchestration tasks and provide deeper risk insights through enhanced visibility and control. 

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Security-first, AI-powered networking for compliance

Can you meet new and more rigorous cybersecurity and data privacy compliance requirements? Use our checklist to learn more.

Read the business paper and learn how you can address evolving compliance requirements with ease.

Security has never been an afterthought

In more than 20 years of HPE Aruba Networking innovation, security has never been an afterthought, and we continue to build upon our rich heritage of networking embedded with security.

Is your network contributing to cybersecurity?

How can your network align connectivity and security goals? Read the brief to learn how HPE Aruba Networking helps deliver what is key to your network and security teams’ joint success.

Easing Zero Trust Security adoption

Discover the key benefits of a security-first, AI-powered network and how you can simplify Zero Trust adoption.

Security-first, AI-powered networking from edge to campus to data center to cloud

Secure your edge

HPE Aruba Networking unified SASE provides a connectivity fabric that comprises award-winning SSE and industry-leading SD-WAN in a single solution to meet the increasing demand for integrated networking and security solutions, delivered as a service.

Secure your campus

When implementing a wired and wireless network managed by HPE Aruba Networking Central, security is front and center with AI-powered, cloud-native network and global policy automation. Deploy a security-first, AI-powered network management solution that provides built-in protection at scale with cloud-native visibility. 

Secure your data center

With intrinsic security, the network becomes the single source of truth. Built-in security capabilities allow you to apply policies consistently across both users and workloads, while using microsegmentation to reduce the risk exposure associated with east-west traffic patterns.

Secure your cloud

Enable seamless and secure access for every user, device, and application from anywhere. Use adaptive trust and continuous monitoring to increase security and protect your business from threats, while optimizing each connection to deliver a productive end user experience. 

Featured network security products

AI-powered client visibility

Client Insights helps you mitigate the risk of unidentified and unmanaged devices on the network, delivering visibility and insights—important capabilities for Zero Trust.

Robust network access control with ClearPass

Authenticate, authorize, and enforce secure network access control with role-based network policies based on Zero Trust Security.

Cloud-based NAC with Cloud Auth

Delivered via HPE Aruba Networking Central, Cloud Auth provides cloud-based onboarding, authentication, and authorization.

Cloud-native network security services

HPE Aruba Networking Central NetConductor automatically configures infrastructure to deliver optimal network performance while enforcing granular access control security policies that are foundational to Zero Trust and SASE architectures.

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Secure your connections from edge to cloud

How to protect users, devices, and applications

Simplify the deployment, security, and management of modern networks with built-in, policy-based security that scales from edge to cloud.

How to bring connectivity and security together

As your organization grows and embraces new innovations, protect everyone and everything on the network—without compromising performance.

How to simplify architecture and enhance security

Organizations need to adapt to customer and user demands for better experiences, hybrid work, and data-intensive apps by providing a more flexible and secure network.