Density-Optimised Servers

Optimised for the most demanding high-performance computing (HPC) and advanced data analytics workloads.

More Power in a Smaller Footprint

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s line of density-optimised servers have evolved to deliver OPEX savings (power/cooling, space) while boosting system performance. Get more compute power. Scale-up and scale out more simply with faster provisioning. Minimise footprint, TCO and server sprawl.

Powerful computing with multiple systems on a chip (SoC). Speed of provisioning and time to service is increased with built-in fibre and software for connectivity, scalability and adaptability. Make your move toward modular, hyper scale and ultra-converged infrastructure.

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Massive Data Performance

When massive data demands the pinnacle of super-computing, you need HPE Apollo. This high-density server family delivers breakthrough performance with efficient rack-scale compute, storage, networking, power and cooling for your most demanding HPC, massive data analytics and object storage workloads. HPE Apollo combines a modular design with innovative power distribution and air-and-liquid-cooling techniques to provide up to four times more performance per square foot than standard rack servers. With HPE Apollo high-density servers, the data-driven organisation accelerates time to value.

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Workload-Specific Performance

For application or task-specific needs, HPE Moonshot is a ground-breaking system that redefines convergence and performance vs. economics. As versatile as it is energy-efficient, HPE Moonshot is engineered, tested and integrated for peak workload-specific performance. Forget complicated custom builds. HPE Moonshot’s unique modular design handles specific needs with a broad choice of accelerating cartridges. Gain an advantage in speed and quality of service delivery for web serving, hosted desktops, video transcoding, application delivery, real-time data processing and more.

Density-Optimised Portfolio

HPE Apollo Server Systems

Designed to address the needs of lightly-threaded HPC applications, it offers high per-thread performance, robust network bandwidth and rack-level shared infrastructure.

HPE Moonshot System

Get modular scalability with less space, less power consumption and less complexity. The ultra-converged HPE Moonshot delivers workload-optimisation with breakthrough economics.

A New HPE Infrastructure Compute Experience

A New HPE Infrastructure Compute Experience
Experiences matter. Coming later in 2017, the HPE Compute Experience delivers a secure cloud-like experience to HPC instances in your data centre.


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