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HPE Services experts can help you from planning to operating and beyond, so you can accelerate edge to cloud transformation, optimize operations, and maximize IT investments.

Benefits of HPE Services

Accelerate business outcomes

Define, build, and execute a clear path to innovation by aligning capabilities and digital aspirations to your business objectives.

Modernize and optimize your IT environment

Transform your IT estate from edge to cloud and effectively manage your ongoing operations.

Create smarter IT asset lifecycles

Address the challenges and opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving technology landscape, all while keeping a focus on economic agility, innovation, and sustainability with HPE Financial Services.

Build the right skills. Not just any skills.

Boost your business, sharpen your IT, and gain the power skills to accelerate your career with personalized, hands-on learning options.

Services across edge to cloud

Connect your edge

Security connect, analyze, and act on data across apps, users, devices and locations – everywhere.

Turn your data into intelligence

Simplify data management, unlock data’s value, and uncover hidden insights in your data, edge to cloud.

Create your hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud, just the way you need it.

Secure your data

Only the right level of security will do.

Featured services

HPE Transformation Services

Build a more effective hybrid cloud operating model. 

HPE Data Services

Transform your data for better business outcomes.

HPE Application Modernization Services

Migrate and modernize your applications confidently on your transformation journey to hybrid cloud.

HPE AI Services

Plan, implement, and deploy your AI solutions to boost business outcomes.

HPE Managed Security

Enterprise security and adaptive digital protection fortify data confidentiality, integrity, and availability from edge to cloud.

HPE Managed IT Compliance

Adopt a Zero Trust framework. Identify and remediate security gaps with integrated security design and constant monitoring.

HPE Asset Upcycling Services

Recover value from end-of-use tech to fund new innovation in a secure, globally consistent and sustainable way.

HPE Extended Deployment Services

Accelerate your transformation with IT asset investment solutions that provide flexibility and budget efficiency.

HPE Accelerated Migration Services

Convert existing, owned IT assets into incremental savings while converting to an as-a-service model.

Explore HPE Services

Operational Support Services

Global IT services that can remove complexity, mitigate risk, and help you respond rapidly to business demands.

HPE Lifecycle Services

Consulting and lifecycle event services to help you get the most from your IT at every stage.

Consulting Services

Expert advice and implementation to take your digital transformation to the next level.

Asset Management and IT financing solutions

IT & technology financing solutions to help fast-forward your business transformation more sustainably.

IT training and certification preparation

Flexible learning options to hone your skills, drive your career, and boost your business.

HPE Managed Services

Monitor, operate, and optimize your infrastructure and applications. Delivered globally and consistently for unified control.

Our customers

HPE GreenLake, the open and secure edge-to-cloud platform

Complete your solution with a hybrid cloud operating model across all your workloads and data. HPE GreenLake - the cloud operating experience you have always wanted – flexible and scalable, combining security, visibility and ease of management.

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