Operating Systems and Partner Software Optimized to Deliver Business Value

Our servers are engineered for deep integration between HPE servers and partner operating systems and virtualization software, and we work closely together with partners to help you optimize, certify, and support their products in your HPE server environment. 

Simplified operating system purchasing

Purchase operating systems, virtualization software, hardware, software, and services from a one-stop-shop.

Streamlined support for server, OS, and software

Deliver a superior experience for operating system, virtualization software, and servers. 

Certified and tested on HPE Servers

Choose OS and software licensing options proven to work seamlessly with HPE servers and meet partner standards. 

The Partner Software portfolio delivers a variety of compelling software and virtualization solutions, in collaboration with our software partners, so customers can choose the solution that best achieves their specific IT and business needs.

Windows OS

  • Simple to configure
  • Require less IT staff
  • Hyper-V VMs and Windows Server Hyper-V Clusters
  • Integration with Azure cloud services
  • HPE and Microsoft

Linux OS

  • Easy to deploy in virtualized and bare-metal environments
  • Supports hypervisors as well as container engines natively
  • HPE and Red Hat
  • HPE and SUSE

Virtualization Software

  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Optimize hybrid IT
  • Reduce complexity
  • Accelerate innovation through people, process, and technology
  • HPE and VMware

HPE and Microsoft

Helping solve your biggest IT challenges with a joint partner ecosystem, strong portfolio of products and solutions, and HPE PointNext services expertise.

HPE and VMware

Optimizing Hybrid IT delivery with software-defined solutions that reduce complexity while accelerating innovation through people, process, and technology.

HPE and Red Hat

Providing market-leading Linux solutions that help businesses deliver their applications and services faster with less expense across physical and virtual environments. 


Delivering a wide range of enterprise capabilities for building, running and managing traditional bare metal applications as well as container-based and VM-based applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments while meeting enterprise needs such as security, monitoring, advanced networking and storage.