Data Insights

What are Data Insights?

Data insights are the direct benefits of a profound understanding of an enterprise organization’s information. The analysis of certain issues and patterns leads to data insights that an organization can use for better decision-making, which can lead to better ROIs, deeper understanding of the market, and increased benefits within both the organization itself and their client base.

How do you find data insights?

Data insights are found through the deep analysis of patterns and statistics within data. Through the interpretation of these patterns, organizations transform insights into forecasting customer needs, therefore promoting more effective decision-making. In order to extract actionable insights from data, enterprises must follow several steps, including:

1. Collection of raw data is the first step to developing data insights. Initial raw data collection is considered “messy,” as large quantities of data are often formatted in structured and unstructured formats.

2. Categorization of data and reformatting to fit your analysis structure is a critical step toward gaining data insights. Restructuring and “cleaning” are necessary to consolidate and segment data for analysis.

3. Strategic analysis that leads to predictive algorithms is the next necessary step in finding data insights. Utilizing the appropriate algorithms during this stage is essential for data validation.

4. Analysis of predictions is what leads to better decision-making, as the predictions within your observed data determine which direction your customer base is heading, or where the market is leading.

5. Understanding your data insights is the last step to transforming your data into insights and empowering better decision‑making.

What is the difference between data analytics and data insights?

The main differentiation of data analytics and data insights is that insight is established through analytics. Data analytics is the controllable factor acting as the boundary that surrounds an organization’s data. Insight is what can be gained through the proper and intentional analysis of specified data. Analytics must be defined in order to function, and insight is what organizations need to discover.

Data analytics involves:

· Intentional break-down of data into groups

· The process of strategic analysis

· A deep dive into patterns and details

Data insights lead to:

· Understanding of data gained through structured analysis

· Greater customer satisfaction

· Increased profits and sales

· Benefits management and decision-making

HPE and data insights

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