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Digital Services Platforms

Create and optimise digital services that attract and retain customers through digital video, telco IoT, virtual reality, and more.

New opportunities. New revenue.

HPE Telco Cloud platforms enable flexible service creation and collaborative, market-driven solution development with your partners.

Services with the power to set you apart

By combining our leadership in the cloud and servers with our deep knowledge of telecom, we help you get ahead of changes sweeping the industry:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) – Find profitable opportunities to securely manage connected devices like industrial sensors.
  • Digital video – Engage with a new generation of customers by offering the best digital video services.
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality – Offer your customers amazing experiences that help your bottom line.

Telecom transformation journey

Work with HPE across the complete journey of becoming a digital service provider, from NFV infrastructure to service creation and operations.

Create value from new operating and service models

Create value from new operating and service models

Discover how HPE enables telecommunications service providers to optimise current connectivity-based offers, improving efficiencies and becoming more competitive.

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Telecom infrastructure transformation

Telecom infrastructure transformation

Start by building an agile central office of the future with programmable telecom digital infrastructure that connects billions of people, places, and devices.

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Telecom operations and network automation

Telecom operations and network automation

Proceed to optimise infrastructure resources and automate delivery of customised services to meet customer needs on demand and in real time.

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HPE telecom partners

HPE telecom partners

Find a partner to help you realise your strategic plan to become a digital service provider.

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Harnessing IoT opportunities

The HPE Telco Cloud platforms prepares CSPs to profit from the billions of connected devices of the Internet of Things (IoT).


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Learn How Communications Service Providers are Capitalising on IoT

HPE Universal IoT Platform

Digital service providers can monetise IoT data by making it available to enterprise applications. Our oneM2M compliant, client-agnostic solution creates revenue streams through maximum scalability, modularity, and versatility in business models.

HPE Connected Car

Provide value beyond traditional telematics and infotainment – leverage high-value contextual information.

HPE Smart City

Build sustainable communities with increased city efficiencies, agility, and resiliency.

Low Power Wide Area Networks

Multiply the power of IoT by connecting heterogeneous IoT devices and applications.

Accelerate your media services transformation

Leverage open standards to create new revenue streams while gaining operational efficiencies.

Optimise Media Services with HPE Digital Video Services

HPE Digital Video Services

Optimise your media services value chain, from content production to content distribution and customer experience. With unique media and virtualisation expertise from HPE, you can accelerate your path to providing media cloud solutions that deliver compelling user experiences. Reinvent, accelerate, and deliver media solutions to compete in the new digital video world.

Manage and automate digital asset prep

  • Optimise and automate content ingestion, preparation, and distribution
  • Enrich content by aggregating metadata from external and internal databases
  • Decrease operating expense (OPEX) by unifying media functions and automating complex workflows
  • Dynamically manage infrastructure resources
  • Monitor and cross-charge infrastructure and workflow usage

Deploy multiscreen distribution services

  • Create new revenue streams – Video on demand (VoD), cDVR, linear TV, and DAI
  • Enable multiscreen delivery on any device 
  • Gain agility and flexibility with cloud and virtualisation
  • Accelerate time to market and service innovation
  • Leverage real-time analytics to deliver the ultimate user experience on your network

Accelerate video services transformation

Take advantage of new competitive opportunities across the entire content value chain: production to distribution to experience. Align your investments with your business strategy. HPE can help you:

  • Adapt to new TV consumption models and design a relevant media cloud infrastructure
  • Create new revenue streams and deliver a great customer experience
  • Gain operational efficiency while reducing IT costs

Reduce IT infrastructure costs

  • Manage infrastructure resources in real time via the cloud and NFV
  • Optimise OPEX with simplification and process optimisation
  • Deploy one-click video channels
  • Resolve outages  faster
Learn About Multidepartmental Digital Asset Management

HPE Media Workflow Master

Multidepartmental digital asset management platform, workflow orchestrator, and resource manager in an agnostic-infrastructure environment.

Learn About Multiscreen Subscription and Recording Management

HPE Universal Video Platform

Easily integrate your OSS/BSS with existing video middleware. Once integrated, realise operational efficiencies and gather business intelligence to launch promotion campaigns, create new interactive channels and increase revenue while retaining/gaining more customers.

Learn About Virtual Headend Infrastructure Virtualisation and Management

HPE Virtual Headend Manager

Headend infrastructure virtualisation and management on the cloud, avoiding vendor lock-in, deploying channels in minutes, enabling cost-effective recoveries, quick and automated upgrades, and providing one  comprehensive interface to monitor and manage all channels.

HPE Interactive TV

A new level of metadata automation that opens new revenue streams for CSPs and content producers.
• Engage more advertisers with direct selling over traditional ads
• Expands control and management of content experience (e.g. targeted ads, recommendations, offers)
• Enable social media experiences with friends and family

HPE Video Performance Platform

Unlock the value of your data, understand your user’s actual experience and gain insight into the service performance and network health. With this valuable information, you can optimise your processes and improve your customers’ experience.

HPE digital services enablement portfolio

Learn about HPE API Management Solutions for CSPs

Facilitating new service creation:

  • Advanced Interactions Enablement – Big data to improve customer service interactions.
  • IoT Application Enablement – Secure data access to enable smart interactions to anyone across any platform.
  • API Management for Network and Big Data – Telecom for retail and wholesale-based business models.
  • Digital Services Store – Key functions needed to create a rich catalog of bundles of digital services.

Let’s talk

Let an HPE telecom digital services creation expert help you figure out the best way to get engaged and start earning revenue from new customer-facing service opportunities.


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