Creating smarter IT asset lifecycle solutions

Advance your business transformation and sustainability goals with IT asset lifecycle solutions designed to drive meaningful outcomes and deliver on the promise of the Circular Economy.

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Expand sustainability goals and drive business value across your tech estate

Your sustainability strategy is not a fad. By aligning your IT tech strategies with sustainability initiatives, you are stronger, more resilient, and able to accelerate transformation. HPEFS understands this purpose and is the partner to help you plan an effective path forward to drive efficiency, reduce overprovisioning and minimize e-waste.

See the impact of your sustainability efforts

With HPE Financial Services, demonstrating your impact as a force for good is easy with the HPE Circular Economy Report. This personalized report can help you to better:

  • Manage compliance for local, federal and global regulations with HPE’s globally available, centralized processes for tech removal and data cleansing
  • Increase confidence and avoid disruption with visibility into end-to-end processes, with documented standards and validated chain of custody
  • Establish transparent tracking and metrics of your efforts against your sustainability strategy to share with stakeholders
Upcycle your tech and find untapped value in your IT estate

When you prioritize reuse over recycle of your IT assets, your tech gets a longer life, and you can propel your organization forward with new innovations, more efficient infrastructure and cost controls. With HPEFS, you can:

  • Better manage multi-gen IT environments, blend old tech with new and efficiently transition to HPE GreenLake with HPE Accelerated Migration
  • Reduce e-waste and capture residual value of end-of-life assets to fund new projects with HPE Asset Upcycling
  • Control costs with HPE Certified Pre-Owned tech
  • Enhance HPE GreenLake scalability capabilities by supplementing with additional assets readily available with HPE Virtual Warehousing
Simplify multi-gen IT, while lowering energy use and e-waste

We give you the tools to implement a comprehensive IT efficiency strategy that helps you lower costs, reduce overprovisioning, free up valuable space, reduce energy consumption, and minimize e-waste.

Our IT asset lifecycle solutions convert your existing, owned IT assets into a source of incremental budget and accelerate your transition to HPE GreenLake. Rapidly deploy as-a-Service with tech you already have, or preowned tech, or seize the advantage of new aaS capabilities funded by investment capital freed from your legacy tech.


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Learn how to transform your data center and generate cash infusion from your owned assets with minimal disruptions to your current environment.

HPE Asset Upcycling Services

Recover value from any HPE or third-party workplace or data center technologies, in a secure, globally consistent, and environmentally responsible way.

Certified Pre-owned Tech

Align your sustainability initiatives to benefit your business and extend the life of your legacy equipment by leveraging HPE Certified Pre-owned products.

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