Optimize your entire IT environment and drive innovation

The time you spend on IT is your most valuable resource, so why not ensure that time is being well spent?  Saving time on reliability and management tasks helps get things done faster, but isn’t all there is to it anymore, and it’s no longer enough to remain competitive. To achieve success, we must adopt new strategies that optimize your entire IT environment, and work with you to deliver better and more profitable outcomes ensuring your time is well spent.

HPE Complete Care Service

HPE Complete Care Service is a modular, edge-to-cloud IT environment service that provides a holistic approach to optimizing your entire IT environment, and achieve agreed upon IT outcomes and business goals through a personalized and customer-centric experience. All delivered by an assigned team of HPE experts.

With HPE Complete Care Service, you can:

  • Personalize: HPE Complete Care Service is modular and personalized to adapt to your individual needs and goals.
  • Optimize: HPE Complete Care Service lets you do more for less by optimizing your time, your tech, and your decision making.
  • Transform: HPE Complete Care Service approaches your entire environment holistically and delivers success by achieving specific and agreed upon IT outcomes.


Get support matched to your individual needs

Work with an assigned team who will be experts on your environment and focused on your desired outcomes. Personal elements include:

  • Environment profile and support plan
  • Regular activity reviews
  • Know me guidance
  • Inventory management

Optimize your time, tech, and decision-making

Do more for less with:

  • Complete coverage from edge to cloud
  • Enhanced incident management
  • Performance optimization and lifecycle management
  • Software asset management
  • Environment dashboard to manage business priorities
  • Curated eLearning for training and certification needs

Measure success with agreed upon outcomes

Benefit from a holistic approach that includes:

  • Workload insights for performance optimization
  • Lifecycle management
  • One-point-of-contact dedicated experts for multi-vendor environments
  • Skill gap elimination

HPE Complete Care Service solution blocks

In addition to the core services, HPE Complete Care Service also offers outcome-specific modular solution blocks designed to help you optimize and modernize your IT environment and achieve your business goals.

HPE performance optimization solution blocks

Add additional proactive service features and expertise that assess, analyze and improve performance.

HPE Complete Care Service - ITOps

Gain IT operations management excellence with HPE Complete Care – ITOps. Monitor, manage, and operate your entire IT environment, regardless of the location of your assets—on-premises, in a private or public cloud, or at the edge.

HPE Lifecycle Management solution blocks

Get proactive planning, versioning and operability assessments followed by readiness validation and execution of the lifecycle services.

Access to HPE Experts solution blocks

Get additional product or solution specific experts as members of your assigned team or on demand when you need it most.

Product and solution-specific solution blocks

Get additional proactive deliverables and experienced HPE advisors to help provide an enhanced experience for specific solutions or use cases.

HPE Software Asset Management

Get a complete and accurate view of your entire software environment. Expert analysis of licenses, usage rights, and terms and conditions reduces cost, eliminates waste, and simplifies software management.

HPE Complete Care Service - Secure Locations

HPE account support managers will deliver the HPE Complete Care Service experience for customer locations where not only the physical access and connectivity are restricted, but also any electronic or verbal communication related to these sites is subject to specific security measures.

HPE Complete Care Service - Energy & Emissions Reporting

Experience a modular, AI-powered, edge-to-cloud IT environment service that can help you measure your IT energy usage and carbon emissions, determine the ROI of conservation measures, and accelerate your IT sustainability journey.