OpsRamp, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

From discovery to resolution: Simplify your IT operations across multi-vendor, hybrid multi-cloud environments.

What's new in OpsRamp?

Read this announcement blog to find out what's new in OpsRamp, from network observability and AI infrastructure observability to operations copilot. Learn how our AI-driven, full-stack observability and intelligent automation solutions provide complete visibility, insight, and control across your hybrid IT estate.

Simplify hybrid cloud operations

Leverage a consistent and comprehensive discovery, monitoring, event management and automation framework to increase IT agility and responsiveness.

Automate device discovery and monitoring across your entire hybrid IT environment

Auto-discover and monitor multi-vendor, IT devices and resources such as compute, storage, networking, VMs, containers, databases, applications, cloud services, software assets, and more.

Speed issue detection and resolution

Correlate and deduplicate alerts with AIOps and machine learning to quickly identify root causes and accelerate issue resolution.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Automate routine tasks such as software patching and upgrades, and auto-remediate common issues.

Our customers

Easily manage and monitor all your tools and technologies from a single command center

Broad and comprehensive integration ecosystem enables customers to monitor increasingly complex, hybrid IT environments and manage digital services performance. 

OpsRamp supports more than 2,500 integrations.

Modernize IT operations

Modern IT operations monitoring, and management helps you understand how your system is performing, including business service health, topology, availability and more.

Single point of control and visibility

Hybrid IT infrastructure management brings on-premises, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments together through a single point of control and visibility.

Our partners and clients

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