Overcome complexity and get results from your HPC and converged workloads faster

The new era of computing when computing systems are growing larger and more complex so they can accommodate converged HPC, AI, analytics, modeling and simulation workloads is not without its challenges.  Developing both system software to manage this complexity and application software that makes effective use of the resources is difficult and time-consuming.  HPE offers customers comprehensive portfolio of software solutions designed to help you get the best performance out of your systems, so you can get results faster.

SmartSim is Opening a World of Possibilities

Improve efficiency and accuracy of your scientific simulations and much more with SmartSim. SmartSim is an open-source framework that enables the use of artificial intelligence (AI) with existing traditional high-performance computing (HPC) simulations just by adding couple of lines of code.

Shorten Your Application Development Cycle with HPE Cray Programming Environment

Developing HPC and AI applications can be challenging. The HPE Cray Programming Environment is a complete software development suite designed to help you develop and run your applications faster. 

HPE has an extensive HPC software portfolio to fit your exact needs

HPE offers customers a comprehensive software portfolio for HPC and converged workloads so you can choose the right mix of software to fit your exact needs.  Our software has a proven track record of helping customers maximize the use of their HPC systems so they can get results faster. Besides tools we created, we also offer leading third-party software and validate popular HPC open source solutions.

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Integrated software stack for the exascale era

The HPE Cray integrated software stack addresses the needs of system administrators, developers, and end-users alike bringing new standards in flexibility, manageability, and resiliency to supercomputing. And with the introduction of the HPE Cray EX supercomputers there is now a complete solution with software and hardware tightly integrated and tuned to offer the best system performance.

Manage your clusters easily with HPE Performance Cluster Manager

HPC clusters are growing larger and more complex, and the administrative management has become equally daunting and complicated. With the HPE Performance Cluster Manager, you now have a flexible, easy to use system management solution offering system administrators all the tools they need to manage standard Linux®-based clusters.

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