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A Software-Defined Data Fabric for Any Workload

Software-defined storage (SDS) is expanding rapidly as customers realize the simplification and cost savings from deploying storage as an application within industry standard servers. With tens of thousands of SDS deployments worldwide, HPE is enabling agility by embedding the same SDS software in many of the converged infrastructure solutions we offer — creating a composable data fabric.

HPE Software Defined Storage Solution Agility

Enabling Extreme Agility for Tomorrow

Imagine a single approach to availability, efficiency, scaling, and provisioning for every workload and form factor in the software-defined data center. With support for VMware vCenter, Microsoft Hyper-V and Linux KVM environments, SDS lets you create a pool of shared storage on industry-standard servers without needing dedicated arrays. StoreVirtual technology, coupled with modular hardware, enables a composable data fabric that spans hybrid flash, x86, hyperconverged, and composable infrastructure.


Less Cost Than Traditional Storage Arrays¹


Smaller Footprint by Eliminating Physical Arrays²


Reduction in power and cooling costs¹

What’s New with StoreVirtual VSA?

StoreVirtual technology is now fully integrated with 3PAR StoreServ and StoreOnce systems. Through HPE Recovery Manager Central, StoreVirtual VSA is directly connected with all StoreOnce Backup solutions and offers bi-directional replication with 3PAR StoreServ systems.

Only HPE can provide customers with a single management tool that federates storage, providing integrated data protection and mobility for both software-defined and system-defined solutions.

Achieve More with StoreVirtual Technology

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Composable Data Fabric in Action

Composable Data Fabric in Action

The City of Los Angeles Department of Buildings and Safety, BlueSky Systems and the University of Wolverhampton use HPE Hyper Converged solutions to reduce costs, create an IT platform built for growth and alleviate maintenance issues.

Opus Interactive: Providing High Availability With Managed Services

Learn how a service provider is creating a unified pool of storage across multiple data center locations, a shared resource that they can scale up or down based on customer usage.

First National Bank at Darlington leverages HPE Converged Infrastructure for high performance

FNB Darlington is a small bank, but they have enterprise-grade system redundancy, disaster recovery, and processing power—all built on HPE technology.

Sonora Quest Labs Runs HPE Hyper Converged Systems for Better Flexibility and More Value

Sonora Quest Laboratories counted on HPE when spinning up a new VDI project for their Patient Service Center.   

The Software-Defined Storage Building Blocks

HPE StoreVirtual Storage

Virtual storage solutions that simplify client and server virtualization with a flexible and highly available scale-out platform.

HPE Synergy

A new category of infrastructure designed to accelerate application delivery in both traditional and new IT environments.

HPE Hyper Converged Systems

All-in-one virtualization solution that integrates compute, software-defined storage and software-defined intelligence, and speeds deployment, simplifies operations and reduces cost.


Network Function Virtualization

Supports Communication Service Providers (CSPs) thrive in this increasingly fast-paced environment for more agile cloud networks enabled by Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

HPE ProLiant DL Gen9 rack servers

Industry-leading, versatile compute offerings that deliver data center efficiency across diverse workloads and applications.

HPE Helion OpenStack

Open, configurable and secure cloud infrastructure that delivers leading open source cloud computing while adhering tightly to OpenStack software API standards and services.

Discover 2017 Las Vegas

The future belongs to those who push the boundaries of what’s possible. Join us June 6-8, 2017, at Discover 2017 Las Vegas, push your boundaries, and turn ideas into action.


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Découvrir notre portefeuille riche et complet, trouver rapidement des produits ou explorer toutes nos solutions de stockage

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La structure de données composable de HPE est fondée sur l'intégration de sa solution éprouvée de stockage défini par logiciel avec un système d'exploitation de stockage universel qui couvrira toutes les plates-formes, les charges de travail, les formats et les protocoles des data centers définis par logiciel avec une extrême flexibilité.

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Systèmes définis par logiciel et systèmes hyperconvergents

Livre blanc : Architecture HPE StoreVirtual

Architecture StoreVirtual
Livre blanc

Architecture StoreVirtual

Livre blanc : Blueprint : Présentation de la technologie HPE StoreVirtual VSA

Livre blanc

Blueprint n°1 SDS : Présentation de la technologie HPE StoreVirtual VSA

Présentation de la solution : Évolutivité des performances et gestion VDI avec HPE SDS

Présentation de la solution

Les déploiements d'infrastructure de bureau virtuel (VDI, Virtual desktop infrastructure) peuvent s'avérer difficiles, en particulier avec le personnel mobile et le BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Présentation de la solution : Consolidez les serveurs et le stockage sur les emplacements distants avec HPE SDS

Présentation de la solution

Les succursales et les emplacements distants doivent gérer des besoins croissants pour la protection des données et la haute disponibilité, souvent accompagnés de nouveaux défis

Livre blanc : HPE StoreVirtual VSA Ready Nodes

HPE StoreVirtual Virtual Storage VSA Ready Nodes
Livre blanc

HPE StoreVirtual VSA Ready Nodes

  • 1.
    Hewlett Packard Enterprise comparison of traditional dual-controller disk array and two-node server cluster vs. two-node server cluster with VSA storage, August 2015.
  • 2.
    Based on Hewlett Packard Enterprise internal comparative analysis of publicly available data from major competitors, August 2015.