Storage Networking

Get a superior SAN experience from a broad selection of trusted HPE StoreFabric products focused on performance and resiliency solutions.

Storage Networking With HPE StoreFabric Products

Unlock the untapped capability of your investment

Eliminate the limitations on your storage investment by modernizing your storage network. Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides dynamic end-to-end solutions, solving your storage networking challenges with nearly 15 million storage area network (SAN) fabric ports deployed worldwide. Agile HPE StoreFabric host adapters, multi-protocol switches and highly scalable directors for cloud-optimized SANs ensure reliability and high performance.


Modernize your SAN fabric affordably, get the most out of the full potential of flash

HPE StoreFabric products help you leverage the full capacity of your storage with lower cost, high performance and the increased reliability you expect. Cut latency in half by upgrading to 32 Gb/s Fibre Channel and gain enhanced visibility and manageability with HPE Network Advisor Software. Meet the requirements of your SLAs with guaranteed interoperability, integration and support unified by a single technology vendor.

Transform storage fabrics with Ethernet

Leverage high-bandwidth, low latency, and industry-leading Ethernet HPE StoreFabric M-series switches to connect primary, secondary, hyperconverged, NAS, and object storage systems.

Cables, transceivers & SAN software

Flexible fiber optic cable for data center designs

Meet your most challenging cabling needs using our comprehensive portfolio of fiber-optic cables, which include an OM3 portfolio for standard cabling requirements and a PremierFlex OM4 line for customers that demand the highest quality and are looking for enhanced performance or have extreme cabling environments.

Transceivers for networking and storage interfaces

HPE Fiber Channel Transceivers offer maximum performance, reliability and compatibility for HPE storage and computing products.

HPE converged transceivers offer wire once transceiver simplicity for networking and storage interfaces. Eliminate the guesswork of which transceiver to use. HPE offers a converged transceiver for LAN and SAN traffic from 100GnE, FCoE, iSCSI and 16 GB FC.

SAN software options

Leverage our extensive SAN software unique to HPE SANs including for HPE 3PAR; orchestration configuration, settings, and policies in a SAN; automating peer zoning; HBAs; and SFPs, including Power Pack+ Software, SAN Network Advisor, Fabric Vision, Web tools, Cisco Data Center Network Manager, Cisco NX-OS, and so much more. Speak with your HPE Representative to make sure you are getting all you can out of your StoreFabric experience.

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Software, tools and services

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视频 : HPE StoreFabric SN3600B FC Switch

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Affordability without compromising functionality of the 32 Gb speed. Replace three generations at the price of 16 Gb.

产品系列指南 : HPE StoreFabric SAN Infrastructure


Providing you with scalability, flexibility, performance, security, and interoperability that your storage networking environment’s mission-critical data and applications demand.

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Evaluation by Demartek

白皮书 : Get the most out of the all-flash data center with HPE Gen6 Fibre Channel


How enhanced monitoring and diagnostics capabilities provide visibility into network latency levels and IOPS to the Virtual Machine (VM) level.

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How to reap the full benefit of data center transformation initiatives such as the shift to all-flash storage.

视频 : HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR

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HPE Smart SAN for 3PAR is an educational video that helps promote awareness of HPE Smart SAN.

视频 : StoreFabric Gen6 32Gb FC SAN Portfolio

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451 Research—Market Monitor, 2012.