HPE Integrity Superdome X

Drive business with mission-critical performance and availability on x86 servers, certified for Linux®, Windows® and VMware®.

This is HPE Integrity Superdome X

HPE mission-critical servers provide purpose-built compute optimized for the highest availability, scalability, and efficiency. HPE Integrity Superdome X is ideal for the most demanding and critical business processing and decision support enterprise workloads.

Whether you want to standardize or consolidate infrastructure while maximizing application uptime, HPE Superdome X will transform your mission-critical environment.

Setting Higher Standards for x86 Availability

HPE Superdome X maximizes the uptime of your critical applications with up to 20x greater reliability and 60% less downtime than other x86 platforms.

This server sets new, higher standards for x86 availability, scalability and performance, and it is the ideal platform for your critical Linux and Windows workloads. HPE Superdome X blends x86 efficiencies with proven Hewlett Packard Enterprise mission-critical innovations for superior uptime and groundbreaking performance.

Breakthrough Scalability

Up to 16 sockets and 48TB of memory can handle all your traditional and in-memory databases and large scale-up x86 workloads. Through our unique HPE nPars technology, HPE Superdome X delivers 20x greater reliability than platforms relying on soft partitions alone.¹

HPE Superdome X delivers up to 38% lower TCO than Oracle Exadata and up to 41% lower TCO than competitive UNIX environments.2

HPE Integrity Superdome X transforms mission-critical environments. You’ll get the right compute for critical workloads, at the right economics—every time.

HPE ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA

The HPE ConvergedSystem 900 utilizes HPE Integrity Superdome X as the compute node, and adds software, storage and services for a seamless SAP HANA deployment. The results from both platforms have been phenomenal.

Groundbreaking Performance for Business

Traditional and In-Memory Databases

Because of its impressive performance and large memory footprint of up to 48TB, HPE Superdome X is optimized to run traditional and in-memory databases, including:  

  • SQL server
  • Oracle 12c

UNIX Migrations

HPE Superdome X is an ideal target platform for critical UNIX® workloads that is inherently robust. We have achieved a level of UNIX resiliency that is simply not attainable on other x86 platforms.³

Large Scale Consolidation

With 16-socket capacity and support for electrically isolated hard partitions, Superdome X allows you to create completely separate environments within the same enclosure. HPE nPars hard partitions give you infrastructure flexibility and the ability to reduce your software license costs.  

HPE Superdome X

Ultimate x86 performance and scale with superior Windows and Linux uptime. Powered by the Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v4 processors family.

  • Compute

    • Up to 16 sockets via 1–8 two-socket server blades
  • Operating Environments

    • Linux, Windows, and VMware
  • Form Factor

    • 18U enclosure / 42U HP 600 mm wide Rack
  • Max GHz Processor

    • Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8894 v4 (24c/2.4 GHz Core Freq./60M/165 W)
  • Partitioning Per Enclosure

    • 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 blades and multiple nPars
  • Maximum Memory

    • Up to 48TB
  • Number of Processors

    • Up to 16 processors/384 cores


案例研究 : 肯尼亚商业银行对 Temenos 核心银行业务环境进行更新改造


肯尼亚商业银行对 Temenos 核心银行业务环境进行更新改造

案例研究 : Multipharma 借助适用于 SAP HANA 的慧与解决方案更新改造业务


标准的关键任务 x86 服务器与您的业务共同增长,助您实现数据中心现代化。

解决方案简介 : 更新改造关键的 Oracle 基础设施以从 UNIX 迁移或整合 x86


了解为什么现在是迁移到 Superdome X 的最佳时机。

解决方案简介 : 利用 HPE Integrity Superdome X 服务器为 SAP 之旅的下一步做好准备


HPE Integrity Superdome X 服务器是要求最苛刻企业工作负载的全能平台。

白皮书 : HPE Superdome X:适用于 SAP、Oracle 和 SQL Server 的关键任务纵向扩展平台


此前,x86 服务器无法满足当时的性能、可靠性和可扩展性需求,这种情况现在已被彻底改变。

宣传册 : Superdome X 上的 InterSystems 缓存


Superdome X 上的 InterSystems 缓存

解决方案简介 : 用于信用风险及合规性的 ActiveViam 和 Superdome X

IMage for activeviam resource

用于信用风险及合规性的 ActiveViam 和 Superdome X

案例研究 : MAGLITE® 制造商利用慧与更新改造其关键任务 ERP 系统


MAGLITE® 制造商利用慧与更新改造其关键任务 ERP 系统

宣传册 : 过渡至 SAP S/4HANA 时 Superdome X 与 IBM Power 总拥有成本之比


过渡至 SAP S/4HANA 时 Superdome X 与 IBM Power 总拥有成本之比

1. Data sheet: HPE Integrity Superdome X—— http://hpgo.pl/files/SDX_Ulotka_PL+AF8-4AA5-5765ENW.pdf
2. Based on HPE internal analysis results using publicly available competitive data, Feb 2017
3. Source: HPE Integrity Superdome X system architecture and RAS technical white paper

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