HPE Integrity NonStop

Fault-tolerant, always-on operating systems that eliminate the risk of downtime in continuous, mission-critical business environments.

Because your customers never wait

HPE NonStop systems are designed from the ground up for mission-critical environments that demand continuous business and 100% fault tolerance. NonStop eliminates the risk of downtime while meeting large-scale business needs, online transaction processing, and database requirements. The NonStop software environment is now available for use in private clouds.

Powering your daily digital transactions

From banking to online shopping to cell phone communications, many everyday digital consumer interactions rely on always-on, always adapting HPE NonStop products and solutions. NonStop offers a unique set of ultra-robust systems that ensure 24x7 availability, unrivaled data integrity, and virtually unlimited scalability—ideal for demanding, transaction-processing-intensive applications that are mission-critical to your business.

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The always-on operating system

The HPE NonStop operating system (OS) is unique. It delivers fault tolerance through a shared-nothing parallel processing architecture with multiple levels of error detection. Fault isolation and workload takeover capabilities provide application and database availability on both a local and global scale. As a result, HPE NonStop has unparalleled ability to detect, isolate, and recover from hardware and software failures without affecting critical applications and their users. The NonStop OS has been protecting mission-critical processes for over 40 years.

Run fault-tolerant NonStop solutions in the cloud

Now you can run mission-critical NonStop solutions in your private cloud and get the operational flexibility and agility offered by cloud technologies. HPE NonStop brings mission-critical availability to cloud-based applications and aligns with your enterprise cloud strategy. HPE Virtualized NonStop—deployed and managed through standard VMware services—can be built on your choice of infrastructure and deployed in your enterprise private cloud. You can run applications built for the HPE NonStop X systems, without any modification, in your private cloud.

  • We keep coming back to NonStop because it's 100% dependable. There's nothing else out there that does non-stop computing better.

    Marty Edelman, Director of Payment Services, The Home Depot

The full power of NonStop

NonStop delivers a comprehensive fully integrated software stack specially designed for fault tolerance and scalability and is tuned to specific business needs.

System security

Choose from a comprehensive set of security capabilities to protect sensitive data and demonstrate security compliance with regulations. NonStop helps you meet the demand for sophisticated protection of data and resources.

Scalable database

Deploy a scalable database that never fails, enable low risk economical ports from other clustered database platforms for use by new applications and customers, and actively support existing SQL/MX customers.

Business continuity

Protect your business from natural or other disasters with sophisticated solutions that allow your whole system to fail and another system located miles away to take over in real time. Use this software to replicate and integrate data from your NonStop database into heterogeneous databases on other server types.

Java and middleware support1

Design mission-critical apps for the most available system in the world, speed development and enhancements of NonStop applications, and make use of the latest Java paradigms and frameworks on NonStop.

Development tools

Work in an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse™, a popular GUI-based IDE developed by the Eclipse Foundation, called NonStop Development Environment for Eclipse (NSDEE).

IT management tools

Leverage a range of operations management products including: configuration, workload management, performance management, availability monitoring, capacity planning, security, SNMP, and web-based manageability software.

Hutchison Drei Austria delivers always-on mobile services

Hutchison Drei Austria meets customer expectations for service by delivering six-nines uptime for its always-on Integrated Home Subscriber Server services.

NonStop solutions for industries

NonStop is at the heart of many industries, such as financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, and healthcare, helping them lead the way in delivering a continuous business environment for their customers.

Banking and financial services

Drive ATM networks and transactions performed by people at ATM devices and support the transfer of transactions between Financial institutions.


Support mobile POS transactions whether on mobile devices or PCs and workstations, and retail credit and debit card authorizations transactions.


Support billing, real-time charging, policy, customer care, ERP, and functions such as messaging, HLR, and HSS for advanced mobility management.

Healthcare and public sector

Enable the highest level of availability and data integrity for healthcare providers, emergency responders, disease control, and national security.


Improve visibility into the manufacturing operations and performance, restore continuous availability across the manufacturing cycle, and trim assembly lines.


Enable fault-tolerant computing, infrastructure management, security, data management, and service management across industries.

Telcos can now virtualize their mission-critical core

Telcos can now virtualize their mission-critical core
Virtualized NonStop creates a trusted, available, and scalable VNF environment for mission-critical core network elements in the communication services provider (CSP) industry.

HPE Integrity NonStop tech specs

HPE Virtualized NonStop

  • Intel® x86 industry-standard servers
  • Runs in VMware environments
  • Runs NonStop OS L-Series
  • Supports Ubuntu KVM
  • Supports full NonStop software stack

HPE Integrity NonStop X

  • Intel Xeon™ processors
  • Software licensing by CPU and cores
  • Telco-specific systems and licensing available
  • Full NonStop software stack available on all servers
  • Factory-integrated system hardware and software
  • Runs NonStop OS L-Series

HPE Integrity NonStop i

  • Intel Itanium™ processors
  • Software licensing by CPU and cores
  • Entry-level systems to high-end systems for massive workloads
  • Full NonStop software stack available on all servers
  • Factory-integrated system hardware and software
  • Runs NonStop OS J-Series

1. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and its affiliates.