Servers as open as the cloud

Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers for the cloud are uniquely open source for a uniquely open hybrid infrastructure experience. So, enterprises, startups and every operation in between can improve workload flexibility and quickly tackle those growing lists of applications and services.

Deploy incrementally

Add cloud-native and migrate traditional services at your own pace. Our flexible, ready-to-run cloud solutions support incremental service development and deployment by integrating with existing infrastructure over open platforms, like VMWare.

Deploy the cloud at your own pace with our ready to run cloud solutions
Use the infographic to Identify the best infrastructure type for your business

Fast track to the cloud

All Hewlett Packard Enterprise server products are cloud-enabled—like HPE BladeSystem and HPE ProLiant Rack. However, HPE ConvergedSystem and HPE Cloudline are specifically designed to fast track you to the cloud.

Quickly build an open infrastructure powered by OpenStack® with flexibility for cloud-scale growth and integrated automation. Thanks to our open-source philosophy, our cloud server systems deliver rapid deployment, ease of management and maintenance, and low cost of ownership.

Qihoo 360

Qihoo 360 and Hewlett Packard Enterprise deploy massive cloud services

China’s largest internet security company, serving hundreds of millions of users and over 70 billion user queries a day, keeps growing with HPE Cloudline.

HPE Servers help support 500 million PC Internet users and 640 million mobile users in China

How does your infrastructure grow?

What’s better for infrastructure growth: “Open” or “Standard/Optimized”? It depends on your size, resiliency, staffing, implementation style and more.

Let’s talk about Servers for Cloud

Speak with an expert on open infrastructure servers about the benefits of the cloud to multi-hypervisor, multi-OS and heterogeneous environments.


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Qihoo 360 uses HPE servers to support 500 millions PC users and 640 mobile users in China

China’s largest Internet security company accelerates its growth with HPE servers.

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