The Industrialization of Deep Learning

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Deep learning is a method of creating artificial intelligence systems that combine computer-based multi-layer neural networks with intensive training techniques and large data sets to enable analysis and predictive decision making.

Download the insideHPC analyst paper and read about the origins of deep learning, the core technologies and HPE use cases. 

insidehpc deep learning

What is Deep Learning? - 2

Why should we care? - 2

How did we get here? - 2

Why is Deep Learning important, to whom does it matter and why now? - 4

The core technologies of Deep Learning - 5

Components of an industrial grade solution - 6

Apollo 6500 / 6000 series - 7

Software framework for Deep Learning and high performance analytics - 8

HPE Cognitive Computing Toolkit / Use cases - 9

Beyond the level of human capability - 10

If IBM has Watson then what does it take to be Sherlock? - 11

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The Industrialization of Deep Learning




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What is deep learning?