Access Points and Controllers

Deliver fast, reliable Wi-Fi performance, boost network efficiency, and support the growing mobile and IoT density demands on your network.

Controller technology to manage your network

Wireless devices have become an integral part of our daily lives and are key to getting ahead in business. Aruba’s network access points provide an easy way to expand and scale networks while maintaining security and performance. They make it possible for you to manage and secure your entire network without having to monitor disparate pieces of it.

Network Access Points that Work For You

Network access points that work for you

Aruba network access points come with a range of features that enable you to have a fast, reliable network. With ArubaOS 8, you get controller technology that manages your network intelligently and automatically. It delivers the performance, user experience, reliability, and security your business needs to function in a high density environment.

Next generation controller experience

When you pair ArubaOS 8 with Aruba Mobility Master, you get a next generation controller that provides more memory and greater computing power with a simplified network access point experience. Mobility Master can be deployed as a virtual machine or a hardened appliance and enables up to 12 network controllers to act as one, meaning that in the event of a controller failure, users are not affected.

Additionally, Mobility Master makes it so that you can upgrade your network to the latest OS without any downtime and update individual service modules without rebooting the entire OS. This gives you the newest software without the headache.

ArubaOS 8 also includes MultiZone, a feature built for IT departments that want to run separate secure networks without obtaining new access points. MultiZone directs network traffic to different network controllers using the same access point. This is especially useful when it comes to policy implementation on public networks that get a lot of traffic, but that still need to maintain security and protect data.

Next Generation Controller Experience with ArubaOS 8
Simplify Networking with Network Controllers

Simplify networking with controllerless access points

Our controllerless network access points are simple, secure, and budget-friendly. With Aruba Instant, you can get your Wi-Fi up and running quickly, enabling you to focus on accelerating your business rather than holding you up with technical issues.

Aruba Instant provides your business with automatic RF management, meaning all mobile devices that connect to your Wi-Fi get the strongest connection possible. It also gives you visibility into mobile apps on a granular level so that business critical data is prioritized, while malicious content is kept out. Aruba Instant allows you to choose the management system you want, whether that means managing your Wi-Fi locally or doing it from a cloud-based or on-site network management platform.

Aruba also provides Remote Access Points for the remote parts of your business. Our focus is on solutions that are easy to deploy and manage so you can plug into any existing Internet connection and immediately extend your network. This means employees that are not at the main business site are able to access any of the network services they need to do their jobs. Employees working from home can expect quick, reliable wireless speeds and personal traffic routes to reduce the traffic on the corporate WAN and protect user privacy.

Optimize for any density environment

Our enterprise access points have AirMatch, the next generation of Adaptive Radio Management (ARM). This technology optimizes for all environments and makes it possible to have high performance Wi-Fi in high density environments. Rather than assessing the network from a local access point, AirMatch learns about all the access points connected to the network and adapts its RF planning accordingly.

Run access points with multiple tenants

Aruba MultiZone allows for multiple separate secure networks to operate from one access point. This feature is useful for government, airport, retail and university campuses and means easy policy implementation in environments where data privacy, separation, and network security are critical.

Make the best possible connections

Aruba’s ClientMatch finds the best network access points for connecting devices, guaranteeing the fastest, most reliable connections. Rather than leaving access point decisions up to individual clients, ClientMatch determines the best radio at the best access point for each client, with the overall performance of the network in mind. Additionally, ArubaOS 8 has cluster capabilities that make sure all devices on the network stay connected in the event of a controller failure.

Business solutions

Now everyone—mobile workers, college students, even small business owners—can get what they need, anytime, anywhere.



利用新技术(超高速 Wi-Fi 连接、物联网和移动 UC),以前所未有的高速度,拓展您的业务,并提高员工效率。




从宿舍房间到演讲大厅(以及两者之间的任何地方),Aruba 正在构建各种智能的移动为先环境。




使用 Aruba 有线和无线基础设施以及行业领先的管理和安全解决方案进行连接和保护,以创建智能的工作场所。


Small to Midsize Business

Small to Midsize Business

Aruba Instant APs deliver the only controllerless Wi-Fi that’s secure and easy to set-up, so you can grow your business without breaking your budget.

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Once again, Aruba is a leader in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant

The 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for Wired and WLAN Access Infrastructure ranked all vendors. Check out where your vendor placed.


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