Rack and Power Infrastructure

Smarter infrastructure means smarter business. Let us show you how.

The Right Foundation for Your Compute

Your data center’s job is to provide the foundational agility and compute power that your business and your customers rely on. But just like a business, a data center needs a strong foundation, too. We saw an opportunity to make the world's best compute platforms do more, and we went for it.

Essential to Intelligent Infrastructure

You need the best to be the best. We get that better infrastructure means better business, so we designed an entire product line to help your servers, storage and networking take you further. HPE’s stronger, smarter, simpler rack and power infrastructure will get you where you need to go—faster.

Protect your Infrastructure Investments

Your customer data is the lifeblood of your business, and protecting it is something that keeps you awake at night. It keeps us awake, too. What happens when somebody steals servers out of a rack? Or there's a power outage and critical information is lost? Around here, when we see a problem, we build. We evolve our infrastructure so you stay a step ahead of would-be threats to your compute.

Find Your Perfect Product

Let's Build a Custom Infrastructure Solution Together

We understand that our customers are as unique as our products, so we have developed a smart little app we call the HPE Rack and Power Infrastructure Architect to help you put it all together and blaze a trail forward.

Use the HPE Infrastructure Architect App to Build a Custom Solution
You Can Access the HPE Power Advisor on a Tablet

HPE Power Advisor

Our easy-to-use tool estimates data center power requirements for your server and storage configurations. It now includes all HPE ProLiant Gen9 server options, as well as a new Smart Update feature that automatically updates your application when opened.

HPE Server Options Compatibility Tool

Customize your server with HPE Server Options. Whatever your workload, there’s a combination of options that can help you get there, faster. And we have a tool to help you find just what you need. Either specify a server platform to see which options play well with it, or enter a workload-specific option such as memory to find out which server to buy.

Use the Compatibility Tool to Determine Which Options Work Well with Your Server
Sever Power Supplies

Server Power Supplies

With four product lines to fit data centers of every size and shape, our server power supplies are built with redundancy in mind to help you manage outages you can’t control. Between that and the best efficiency range the industry has to offer, they’re an integral part of every solution we sell. Our thinking was pretty simple: the less power we waste, the more money you save.

Rigorous HPE Rack Testing

Tough Testing for the Road Ahead

Watch our racks survive the trials of transportation. Our servers, storage and networking systems are often shipped fully configured inside our racks, and they can’t do their job if they arrive damaged. Build your business on the industry’s toughest racks. For the road ahead.

A New HPE Infrastructure Compute Experience

A New HPE Infrastructure Compute Experience
With Hybrid IT, experiences matter. The HPE Compute Experience delivers a secure, cloud-like experience with the power management of your data center.


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宣传册 : HPE Power Distribution Units Set New Standard for Accuracy, Automation and Ease of Use


Not sure which power distribution unit is right for you? Just follow a few simple steps.

目錄 : Select Your Rack


In five simple steps, the HPE Rack Selector Tool will display a rack—with accessories—that meets your requirements, all in a sharable report.

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Watch how you can modernize your IT Infrastructure for the new style of business with HPE Rack options

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Power can be the biggest expense within your datacenter. It can be difficult to manage if you do not have the right tools.

分析师报告 : How a Homogeneous Infrastructure Can Save Money, Time & Frustration

ServerRack Resources

How a Homogeneous Infrastructure Can Save Money, Time & Frustration

信息图 : 简化多供应商 IT 基础设施的 5 大原因


简化多供应商 IT 基础设施的 5 大原因

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荒谬怪异的 IT 方法会是难以掌控的噩梦。运用慧与机架服务器基础设施解决方案简化数据中心运营。

Reference Guide : HPE Power Cords and Cables

Reference Guide

HPE Power Cords and Cables