Break out of traditional data centres

Traditional data centres don’t deliver in today’s digital world. Transforming to modular-based data centre facilities will help your service delivery, not only from your core data centres but also at the edge and for your distributed IT. You can achieve higher levels of flexibility, cost containment, and a more agile data centre footprint for your on-premises service delivery model.

65 Million square feet and counting

To date, HPE Pointnext Services has designed over 65 million square feet of data centres globally. And every data centre project starts by assessing your IT mix so you can devise a data centre strategy focused on innovation and the transformation process.

Data Centre Strategy Development

Enable business growth and change with Strategic Data Centre Planning.

Craft an IT strategy inclusive of your data centre facility strategy. We help you determine how many data centres you’ll need, where they should be located, how large, and what type they should be. We probe your strategic options of building and owning the data centre, outsourcing it, or using a co-location service. Based on strategy, we develop the conceptual technology basis of design, growth modeling, sourcing options, and cost models. We’ll work with you as your trusted advisor for the entire transformation of your data centre facility footprint.

Assess the capabilities of your IT operations, facilities infrastructures, and management frameworks, and thoroughly understand the current and future state IT and facilities requirements for your data centre strategy.

Bring the ideal data centre to life

Every data centre consulting project is a true partnership where collaborative people, empowering technology and transformative ideas accelerate change. HPE Pointnext Services manages the entire process, from an energy-efficient design to the building and commissioning or updating of a facility.

Data Centre Facilities Design and Implementation

Bring your data centres to life. Our turnkey services can be the prime integrator and manage the entire solution, or we can collaborate in partnership with a general contractor.

Facility design

Trusted hands to create the blueprints for your data centre based on your specific needs. We provide a detailed design that is customised to meet your specific technology and data centre objectives and design each solution to be energy efficient. We’ve designed over 65 million square feet of floor space, and half of all LEED gold and platinum-certified data centres. We provide everything from the conceptual physical data centre design to schematic design, detailed design construction documents, and other tools. This ultimately helps you determine availability, reliability, and topology needs, as well as overall data centre costs.

Facility implementation

We’ve commissioned over 50 million square feet of data centre space around the world and can manage your entire process, from design through the build to commissioning of the new facility. The build element is overseen by our highly skilled project managers as Prime Integrator, which includes construction management and external contracting teams.

Data Centre Facilities Assurance

Enable a superior operating service life at high reliability and performance levels through our consulting for maintenance and operational programmes consulting.

Deliver a superior operating service life at high reliability and performance levels. We provide consulting for the creation or improvement of maintenance and operations of your new data centre. Our assessments clearly define data centre facility infrastructure and operational problems, leading to real solutions related to power and cooling capacity, operational reliability, or energy usage. They also include basic capacity surveys, infrastructure condition and capacity analysis, and an ITSM-based capability assessments specific to data centres.

Data Centre Facilities Energy Consulting Services

Make better use and improve management of energy, capacity, and costs.

Work with consultants who advise governments on data centre energy policy to reduce costs and energy consumption, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Our consultants will work with you to create strategy, roadmap and implementation plans to transform the way energy and natural resources are used across an organisation’s IT, transform the processes by which they’re managed, and transform how resources are used to run day-to-day business. We follow commonly accepted accounting and reporting principles to verify that organisations present an accurate account of energy use and emissions.