The next era of supercomputing

Competitive advantage in the exascale era relies on the power of data unlocked by supercomputing-powered modeling and simulation and AI. HPE Cray XD and EX supercomputers are designed to deliver exascale technologies to unlock the next frontier of discovery, innovation and achievement.

HPE Cray – Supercomputing for the exascale era

Today’s science, technology, and big data questions are bigger, more complex, and more urgent than ever. Answering them demands an entirely new approach to computing -- and HPE Cray supercomputer are up to the challenge. We’re introducing revolutionary capabilities for revolutionary questions, and HPE Cray systems are the foundational building blocks for scientists and researchers around the world.

Flexibility for today and tomorrow

As your workloads rapidly evolve, the ability to choose your architecture becomes critical. With HPE Cray supercomputing, you can incorporate multiple silicon processing choices—or a heterogeneous mix—with a single management and application development infrastructure. Flex from single to multi-socket nodes, GPUs, FPGAs, and other processing options that may emerge, such as AI-specialized accelerators.

Exascale computing era networking

HPE Slingshot is our high-speed, purpose-built supercomputing interconnect. It features Ethernet capability, advanced adaptive routing, unique congestion control, and sophisticated quality-of-service capabilities. Support for both IP-routed and remote memory operations broaden the range of applications beyond traditional modeling and simulation.

Fast, intelligent storage

HPE’s high performance computing storage is as well suited for the unique storage demands of AI as traditional all-flash enterprise file storage and is as scalable and cost effective as traditional parallel storage.


on the TOP500

Built by HPE, ORNL’s Frontier supercomputer is #1 on the list with 1.206 exaflops of performance.


on HPL-MxP

Built by HPE with Intel, ANL’s Aurora supercomputer is #1 on the list with 10.6 exaflops of performance.


on the GREEN500

Built by HPE, the University of Bristol’s Isambard-AI phase 1 is #2 on the list with 68.83 gigaflops/watt energy efficiency.

Our customers

Performs like a supercomputer, runs like a cloud

The HPE Cray software stack is built on literally decades of supercomputing expertise and is now coupled with a container based model to deliver a new standard in manageability, reliability, availability, resiliency, and interoperability.  Seamlessly scale from development on their laptop or in the cloud to production on a supercomputer.

New era of HPC storage – the best of both worlds

High performance computing storage that is as well suited for the unique storage demands of AI as traditional all-flash enterprise file storage and is as scalable and cost effective as traditional parallel storage.

Explore the HPE Cray portfolio

HPE Cray XD systems represent the next-generation purpose-built AI technology. HPE Cray EX supercomputers support multiple processor architectures and accelerator options and are architected for forward compatibility with next-generation blades and servers.

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Turn data into intelligence

A single source of truth from data to make smart decisions and recommendations to customers.

HPE Supercomputing

Empower world-changing innovation and discovery in the Exascale era and beyond, with faster time-to-results and accelerated AI.

HPE Cray XD2000

Unlock more value from your data by accelerating your compute-intensive workloads flexibly and efficiently.

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All HPE GreenLake cloud services are accessed through a unified control plane that delivers a consistent, open and extensible cloud operating experience for all your services and users, wherever the workloads and data are located.