Unique digital transformations

Digital transformation is an important and complex process. It involves a complete shift in the way you think about adopting emerging technology, engaging your customer base and evolving the company culture. We focus on your business’s individual needs and develop a strategy to help it become agile and forward-thinking.

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Transforming the way you do business

HPE Pointnext redefines how you integrate technology into your businesses. From cutting-edge security services to developmental business processes, HPE can transition your company into a new era where technology and people work together.

Go beyond the technology

Get the outcomes you need to increase your efficiency and modernise your business.

Get access to the best

Partnering with industry leaders allows HPE Pointnext to implement digital transformation technology of the future.

Accelerate time to value

We'll help you turn the disruptive process of digital transformation into a smooth transition for all involved.

IT professional services portfolio

Our portfolio of services includes everything your business could need to optimise operations. From Platform Consulting Services to Cloud Services, we combine the right people with the right technology to help you function more fluidly.


Scott Sports accelerates business planning

Scott Sports is a global business with distributed operations. The company was relying on a legacy Oracle data warehouse, but needed to improve performance and reporting to help management continuously improve operations.


Switzerland-based sporting goods company Scott Sports wanted to improve its business operations. However, it was still running out of a legacy data warehouse that couldn’t support this change.


HPE Pointnext provided the expertise Scott Sports needed to migrate to an SAP HANA in-memory computing platform, as well as IT professional consulting services to support the migration and make it as efficient as possible.

"We enjoyed working through the migration with HPE because the HPE consulting team was willing to share and transfer its knowledge of SAP HANA so we could quickly build up our internal expertise on our new systems."

Steve Murith, IT Project Manager for Scott Sports


Scott Sports now has the performance and analytics capabilities it needs to manage data and gain insight from its worldwide operations, as well as the scale to enable additional migrations to SAP HANA.