Solutions that help you optimize your virtualized infrastructure in your data center so you can innovate with speed

Modernize your virtualized infrastructure

You have reaped the benefits of virtualization to lower cost and unleash efficiency. Now, modernize your virtualization across your entire data center to drive even greater speed and efficiency.


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Next-generation data center infrastructure

It’s no longer enough to just virtualize. Innovations such as software-defined composable and hyperconverged infrastructures, and hybrid cloud solutions can help you manage and streamline your operations so you can accelerate your business with confidence.

Increase efficiency

Enrich your data center virtualization projects with modern architectures designed specifically for virtualization.

Automate your virtualized infrastructure

Automate IT operations and streamline management of virtualized resources with software-defined infrastructure to achieve a competitive advantage.

Accelerate your cloud transformation

Define a strategy that drives speed and flexibility, and manage and provide self-service access to resources across all your clouds.

Design the transformation tuned to your unique challenges

HPE Pointnext virtualization and cloud offerings help you get the most out of virtualization by taking an overall lifecycle approach that considers the technology and the people, processes, and operational components of both hybrid cloud and virtualization. HPE Pointnext consultants will help you define and execute a journey to the right level of virtualization and cloud through a solid understand of the desired future state and how to get there.

Winning with virtualization

Paper company approaches 100% virtualization

NewPage was plagued with a high-cost, outdated legacy infrastructure. It virtualized key manufacturing and decision support apps, improved backup and disaster recovery, and reduced costs.

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School district eliminates storage silos

The Corona-Norco Unified School District struggled to get past 500 concurrent VDI desktop users. Its new storage system enables it to serve 3,000 concurrent users with a 6:1 reduction in storage management costs.

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Service provider speeds onboarding

France-based Oceanet Technology’s aging infrastructure couldn’t meet customer demands. Its new platform simplified the creation, scaling, and maintenance of complex networks, and enabled Oceanet to increase its focus on customer problem diagnosis and support.

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Connect with a virtualization specialist

No matter where you are on your journey, contact our experts to optimize and advance your virtualization approach.