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Gorilla Guide to AI-driven operations with HPE InfoSight
Gorilla Guide to AI-driven operations with HPE InfoSight
Understand the challenges that modern IT operations face — and meet them with predictive and proactive intelligence. See how an AI-driven IT operations model based on health and wellness can improve responsiveness, reduce downtime, and foster a more innovative, user-forward approach to IT.
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Self managing, self healing, self optimizing with AIOps

Forget reacting to issue after issue with limited visibility across complex, siloed infrastructure. HPE InfoSight delivers AI-powered autonomous operations that ensure your environment is always-on, always-fast, and always-agile.

Have a great weekend

You won’t spend any more days off searching for a root cause deep in your hybrid environment. Every second, HPE InfoSight collects and analyzes data from more than 100,000 systems worldwide, and uses that intelligence to make every system smarter and more self-sufficient. The result? HPE InfoSight predicts and automatically resolves 86% of customer issues.

  • 86%

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  • 85%

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  • 54%

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Seize the advantage with the power of AIOps with HPE InfoSight

Leverage intelligent, actionable recommendations to elevate your IT management — from storage to virtual machines to applications.

Transform your support experience

Enjoy an unmatched support experience. HPE InfoSight’s industry-leading machine learning and AI collect and analyze huge quantities of data to protect every app by predicting and preventing issues — before you’re even aware there’s a potential problem.

See why HPE InfoSight is the industry’s most advanced AI for infrastructure

HPE InfoSight leverages the power of AI to make autonomous infrastructure a reality. Learn how HPE InfoSight drives global intelligence and insights for infrastructure across servers, storage, and virtualized resources — with the power to solve even the most daunting infrastructure problems.

Access HPE InfoSight via HPE GreenLake

HPE InfoSight is now available to customers using the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. Now you can easily get access to your analytics across the HPE GreenLake platform.

Frequently Asked Questions about HPE InfoSight

What is HPE InfoSight?
HPE InfoSight is the industry's most advanced artificial intelligence for infrastructure. It is a cloud-based Automated Infrastructure Operations (AIOps) platform that applies advanced machine learning to transform how infrastructure is managed and supported. Every second, it collects and analyzes millions of sensors from over 150,000 systems across the globe. It then learns from this data, engineering, and HPE Pointnext Services solutions to drive global intelligence and insights from storage to virtual machines. Infrastructure powered by HPE InfoSight continuously gets smarter and more autonomous.
What are HPE InfoSight benefits?
HPE InfoSight, together with HPE Pointnext Services, transforms support into an unmatched customer experience. It enables HPE Pointnext Services engineers to accelerate diagnostics and problem resolution. Features like dashboards, proactive reports, and analysis provide the support team with insight into patterns that humans can't detect quickly. The faster the identification and resolution, the better the outcome for the customer.

  • Predict and prevent: HPE InfoSight automatically predicts and prevents problems before you even know there was an issue.
  • Signature detection: HPE InfoSight prevents customers from ever seeing a known issue through advanced pattern-matching algorithms..
  • App-aware protection: HPE InfoSight sees across infrastructure with correlated insights to protect every app..
  • Support redefined: AI-driven support gives you faster response and time to resolution, no more finger-pointing, and an amazing customer experience..
Is HPE InfoSight free?
HPE InfoSight is included as long as a Nimble support contract or any of the Pointnext contracts (Tech Care, Complete Care, etc.) is in place. The customer never pays separately for InfoSight but must have signed a support contract in order to avail themselves of the advantage of AIOps.