Storage for HPC and AI

A dedicated storage portfolio for HPC and AI workloads that enables the full power of high-performance computing.

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HPC and AI require high-performance storage

High-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads are dramatically different than enterprise compute workloads. Instead of small file sizes and enterprise applications, HPC and AI workloads are usually batch jobs with large data sets on large distributed compute clusters. Parallel distributed file systems are typically required to provide high-speed, concurrent access to data. Without the ability to share data, expensive CPUs starve for data, delaying processing.

Key differences among HPC, AI, and enterprise storage

Enterprise storage

HPC storage

AI storage

Typical workload


Job (Data Set)

Job (Data set)

Performance requirement




Typical file size




Typical file access




Data movement




Read/write intensity




Meet the varied storage requirements for HPC and AI

Storage supports compute by providing the data needed for applications and users. HPE provides storage solutions that meet IO requirements, manage data, minimize TCO, and streamline data workflows.

WekaIO Matrix

Leverage a high-performance storage solution optimized for flash technology and designed to provide the storage throughput needed for large data sets and next-generation workloads. WekaIO Matrix provides a high-performance, scalable parallel file system offering high IOPS and low-latency throughput ideal for HPC and AI workloads.

HPE Data Management Framework

Optimize storage resources by enabling a hierarchical, tiered storage management architecture. The HPE Data Management Framework optimizes storage resource utilization for lower TCO and streamlines data workflows with time proven automated data movement.

Scalable Storage for Lustre

The Scalable Storage for Lustre solution offers a custom, modular Lustre configuration that can be tailored to your workload specifications. Opt to have Lustre preinstalled in the factory for a turnkey custom Lustre solution.

Services to take your storage further

Storage consulting services

Storage consulting services

Modernize data infrastructure cost efficiencies with HPE Pointnext and deliver better business outcomes.

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Big data consulting services

Big data consulting services

Operationalize data architectures for effective and adaptive analytics by leveraging experts from HPE Pointnext.

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Analyst White Paper : HPE's storage solutions for the HPC sector: Meeting the unique requirements of an increasingly demanding and diverse applications space

Analyst White Paper | PDF | 275 KB

Download the Hyperion research report and learn about the growing importance of HPC storage and how HPE is meeting the requirements that are unique to the HPC sector.

Video : HPE data management framework, leveraging a tiered data model for HPC

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Video | 4:47

HPE data management framework, leveraging a tiered data model for HPC

Analyst White Paper : Technology spotlight: Flash storage trends and impacts

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Learn about trends in chip technology and architectures, coupled with the flash-based solid-state disk (SSD) devices that use them particularly in high performance storage systems.