HPE Ezmeral Solutions and Workloads

HPE Data Fabric | Case study

Set up a secure data management platform to access massive amounts of data with multi-cloud data fabric

Global automaker Mercedes-Benz AG aims to develop cars that are not only intelligent but also autonomous. To do this, the company needed a data platform to collect and manage massive amounts of data from test vehicles and make them available to developers across the world

HPE Data Fabric and HPE Runtime Enterprise | Case study

Deploy an enterprise-grade data management platform and manage data fabric clusters and open-source tools

NEW WORK leveraged HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric to overcome performance issues by providing a logical layer that integrates all of NEW WORK's data sources. The BI team at NEW WORK finds the file system straightforward. The file system handles a wide variety of workloads, including snapshots and even backup mechanisms.

HPE Runtime Enterprise and HPE Data Fabric | Technical paper

Using Spark for streaming workloads, ML, analytics and data engineering

Learn how HPE Ezmeral software is enabling some of the largest IT teams in the world to harness the power of Apache Spark for streaming workloads, machine learning (ML), analytics, and data engineering in both HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric File & Object Store and HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise products.

HPE Ezmeral and HPE GreenLake | Blog post

Modernize Hadoop workloads

Bidtellect recognized their migration would not be easy. Real-time data management and analytics at petabyte scale is a mission critical function at Bidtellect; therefore, a migration must be carefully managed. Despite this enormous pressure, Bidtellect achieved complete migration to HPE Ezmeral in just five weeks. 

HPE ML Ops and HPE GreenLake | Press release

Edge for the distributed enterprise

Carestream and HPE GreenLake for Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops) builds a machine learning-optimized cloud service infrastructure powered by HPE Ezmeral and HPE Pointnext AI Services. The new infrastructure enhances X-ray solutions and workflows for medical professionals and patients, facilitating the next generation of AI-enabled imaging devices for medical diagnosis.

HPE GreenLake Edge-To-Cloud Platform

Achieve the cloud experience for all your apps and data, no matter where they live. Get cloud services without the cost, risk, and time to move data and refactor apps, so you free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility and free up your talent to accelerate your business.