HPE Elite

A purchasing experience that is quick, easy, and tailored to your needs.

Quick, easy, and tailored to your needs

You set the standards

Create your own company-specific HPE catalog with prices and terms. Define IT standards with a consistent catalog. Filter search results to find exactly what you need.

You define the products

Create your own product bundles. Highlight favorite products. Access configured items instantly for easy research and reordering.

You manage globally

Standardize global purchasing across 200+ countries, 10 languages, and 43 currencies. Research in one location and language, approve in another, and order in a third. Reinforce worldwide IT standards with a consistent catalog and pre-defined product set.

You can easily track, report, and re-order

Monitor real-time status online — from confirmation to delivery — for all your orders and shipments, no matter how you placed them or where they’re going. Create custom reports from templates and define your own alert criteria to receive and share updates.

We integrate into your existing e-procurement system

Securely connect via Ariba, Oracle, SAP, or most any other e-procurement platform. Customize approval processes aligned with your procurement practices. HPE supports industry-standard translation protocols.