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The AI of tomorrow

HPE AI makes the artificial intelligence of tomorrow

When your data is universally accessible, your AI teams are focused on development and deployment, and your IT infrastructure is flexible and unbounded. HPE makes artificial intelligence (AI) that is data-driven, production-oriented and cloud-enabled, available anytime, anywhere and at any scale.

Dive deep into the current applications of AI and learn more about its potential across several industries and use cases.

A guide to enterprise AI
The industrialization of AI
Accelerate innovation with a proven, practical approach to AI

HPE offers practical use cases and validation blueprints with partners to rapidly design and deploy your AI solution. Whether you’re looking to get started, optimize, or scale, HPE AI has you covered.

Flexible AI platforms

Operationalize, optimize, and orchestrate AI

Build your AI platform with IT infrastructure that’s flexible and unbounded. Our on-prem, cloud, and hybrid options take into account your team’s location, access needs, security, and cost constraints, and our open systems use best-of-breed GPU and CPU technologies. With purpose-built AI-optimized solutions, you can quickly operationalize machine learning, while turning data into a strategic resource with our data management platforms.

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Build your AI strategy

Speed the design and deployment of your AI strategy

No matter where you are in your AI journey, our experts can help you effectively design a future-ready AI strategy that makes use of industry-specific best practices while taking into account your unique situation and needs. We can help you move from AI PoC to production and ensure scalability to support new use cases and fast growth.

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Get AI as a service

Manage costs, risks, and returns

Get AI as a service with consumption-based solutions from HPE GreenLake, which combines the accessibility, flexibility, and scalability of cloud with the security and cost benefits of on-prem infrastructure. Speed your transformation by unlocking capital trapped in legacy infrastructure with solutions from HPE Financial Services.

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AI for good

HPE Supports AI for Good

HPE is committed to the responsible, ethical development of AI as a means to advance the way we live and work.

Innovation in the ethics of AI
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Learn more about AI Ethics
AI you can trust

Learn how to apply AI technology with ethical confidence across industries.

Deep learning & machine learning

HPE Deep Learning & Machine Learning Solutions

Deep learning and machine learning hold the potential to fuel ground-breaking AI innovation in nearly every industry if you have the right tools and knowledge. HPE’s industry-leading high-performance compute, intelligent data platforms, and high-speed networking fabric allow you to deploy deep learning and machine learning at any scale.

Deep Learning for Dummies Guide
Forrester Study: Operationalize Machine Learning

Introducing two new breakthrough solutions for scaling AI applications

Speed data-first modernization from edge to cloud and scale AI to industrial sized, global applications with breakthrough solutions from HPE.

AI across industries

AI for Enterprise

After decades of promise, enterprise-ready AI is fast becoming a reality. And with organizations producing data at unprecedented rates, technology that can turn this data into insights and efficiencies can’t come fast enough.

AI for Financial Services

New digital technologies are quickly reshaping the financial services industry, and financial institutions are turning AI and machine learning to meet both increased regulatory requirements and customer demand for web-based and mobile access to banking products.

AI for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Research institutions and medical facilities are using the ability to analyze massive data sets to sequence the human genome, develop new forms of treatment, speed and improve patient care, and better manage electronic health records.

AI for Manufacturing

The future of manufacturing is connected, automated and digitally driven. As plant floor operations technologies converge with IT, numerous use cases across the manufacturing cycle become possible to ignite innovation, create more efficient operations, reduce downtime and improve worker productivity.

AI for the Public Sector

Smart technologies can help cities, schools and universities improve their safety and security with advanced AI-driven Vision Analytics solutions at the edge. These near real-time solutions provide protection from potential dangers that include gun violence, criminal activity, and emergency situations.

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The right infrastructure and expertise will help you scale up and out until AI is woven into the fabric and culture of your enterprise.

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