The Circular Economy in IT
The Circular Economy in IT
Discover how taking a new approach to your IT asset lifecycle management focused on remarketing, reuse and reduced power consumption can decrease your total cost of ownership and unlock additional value for your organization.
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Unlock additional value from your existing IT

If you’re like most businesses, you use 70% of your current IT resources to manage legacy infrastructure, and the other 30% to implement new technology.Forrester%2C%20The%20Global%20Tech%20Market%20Outlook%20for%202018%20to%202019%2C%20January%202018 IT asset lifecycle solutions from HPE Financial Services help you extract additional value from your existing IT investments or move to new technology more effectively. We’ll develop a custom plan to help you optimize and repurpose your existing IT investments — or convert them into capital that funds your transition to new innovations.

Manage retired technology with no disruptions
Digital transformation requires funding and a plan for dealing with legacy IT assets. HPEFS can help you get value from legacy data center, workplace, print and edge technology, regardless of manufacturer, in a secure, consistent and environmentally friendly manner.
Plan for sustainability
Meet your sustainability goals while maximizing your IT budget by keeping your assets “in the circle” for as long as possible. Form a partnership with your sustainability team and challenge them to ensure at least 75% of your retired assets do not become e-waste.
Measure your contribution
With the HPE Financial Services Circular Economy Report, lease-return and asset-upcycling customers can show their direct contribution overall sustainability goals. This report outlines how participation in our end-of-life management programs help customers address the social and environmental impacts of rapid innovation.
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From responsible removal and data security to asset upcycling, HPE Financial Services transforms and repurposes IT assets into new IT capabilities and innovations. Last year alone, we took in 3.1 million IT assets weighing 35 million pounds - the equivalent weight of 373 Airbus A320 planes!

Take a virtual tour of an HPE TRC and learn why companies around the globe look to HPEFS to bolster the agility of their IT tech estate and support their sustainability goals.


Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust implements a lifecycle approach for better patient care

GCS caters to the needs of a mobile work force where connectivity and speed are extremely important as well as safeguarding patient data and using environmentally sound practices throughout.

  • Challenge: Keep up with current technology while maintaining a stable clinical environment and contributing to corporate sustainability goals
  • Solution: A complete lifecycle approach that not only considers bringing in the right technology but also plans for regular refreshes so the Trust stays current, patient data is dealt with securely and the environment is protected
  • Outcome: By implementing this end-to-end approach, Gloucestershire Care Services achieves a stable clinical environment which results in improved worker satisfaction and better patient care
Comport extends client’s PACS and non-clinical applications

In addition to designing next-generation technology solutions, Comport offers HPE Certified Pre-owned equipment to support clients’ budgetary or special needs, which may include extending the functionality of a legacy environment.

  • Challenge: While PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems) is a well-established solution offering enterprise-wide access to images, growing use by more specialties drives new solutions needs and additional storage requirements
  • Solution: HPE Certified Pre-owned equipment can be used to meet the requirements of the applications, and can be seamlessly installed without disruption to the environment
  • Outcome: Having a technology and business partner with the depth of HPE and HPE Financial Services gives Comport unique options to help clients find ways to plan for, acquire, consume, and adapt the technology systems needed for business transformation.


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