Getting Ahead of the Infrastructure Change

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Constant change in infrastructure is not new, but the pace and intensity of change is reaching new extremes. In this paper, IT Central Station looks at how enterprise IT managers have tackled rapid change with the right infrastructure and have shared their real life experiences on value gained and issues avoided using HPE BladeSystem converged infrastructure and HPE OneView management software tools. 

Using best practices and unbiased product reviews from practicing IT professionals, this paper describes everyday data center challenges that are met using HPE BladeSystem together with HPE OneView software. It also discusses the path to Composable Infrastructure using software-defined intelligence to meet the growing need for agility across the data center.

Table of Contents
  • Overview: The Accelerating Infrastructure Change Curve - page 3
  • Effects on IT Management - page 3
  • New Realities for Infrastructure - page 4
  • How HPE BladeSystem Customers are Getting the Job Done - page 5
  • Consolidation, Efficiency and Ease of Use for Continual Improvements - page 5
  • Redundancy and Uptime - page 5
  • Scalability - page 7
  • Flexibility, Speed and Agility - page 7
  • The Path to Composable Infrastructure - page 8
  • Conclusion - page 9
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