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Composable Infrastructure

HPE Composable Infrastructure empowers IT to create and deliver value instantly, continuously and at the speed and flexibility of cloud—within your own secure data center.

HPE Composable Infrastructure Solutions

Your Infrastructure as Code

HPE Composable Infrastructure is a new approach to architecture that allows you to deploy IT resources quickly and for any workload using powerful software. In minutes, you can stand up infrastructure that previously took weeks to deploy. To ensure you have the right amount of compute, storage and fabric, HPE Composable Infrastructure combines software-defined intelligence with a unified API that incorporates powerful tools from our partner ecosystem.

IT Needs to Optimize Two Operating Environments

Apps for Traditional IT

Traditional IT apps are built on commercial, build-it-yourself models and are sometimes based on decades-old architecture. Apps for traditional IT are ops-driven, cost-focused and designed to support existing business processes like collaboration or data processing.

Apps for the Idea Economy

Modern apps are built to drive revenue and new customer experiences by leveraging mobility, big data and cloud-native technologies. Apps for the idea economy require low latency and continuous adaptation to high levels of uncertainty and change. These apps should be agile, nonlinear, and high-speed.

A New Way to Architect Your Data Center

Experience the speed and flexibility of cloud in your own data center. Learn best practices from Forrester on how to move beyond convergence and architect your composable infrastructure.

How HPE Composable Infrastructure Works

Composable Infrastructure for Dummies Book Cover

Composable Infrastructure For Dummies

Discover how composable infrastructure propels your business forward with this special edition of the popular For Dummies® series. You'll learn how to identify the serious IT challenges businesses face today, use composable infrastructure to create and deliver new value, and apply idea economy principles to your infrastructure environment.

What Industry Analysts Are Saying


Composable Infrastructure: A Hardware Foundation For Extreme Agility

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How the Right Infrastructure Can Prepare Your Data Center for Business Disruptors


HPE Synergy: Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure for the Enterprise


Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems: HPE Named a Leader

Composable Infrastructure Ecosystem

HPE Composable Infrastructure enables you to use a template-based approach and flexible pools of compute, storage, and fabric to abstract infrastructure elements and automate operational changes at scale. As an ISV or developer, you can programmatically control composable infrastructure through a single, open RESTful API. This Unified API is native to HPE OneView, which automates the provisioning, configuration, and monitoring of infrastructure.

HPE Synergy

The World’s First Platform Architected for Composable Infrastructure

Built from the ground up for composable infrastructure, HPE Synergy empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously, achieving real savings and simplifying hybrid IT management. HPE Synergy is a single infrastructure that reduces operational complexity for traditional workloads and increases operational velocity for the new breed of applications and services.

HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure Platform


Livre blanc : Infrastructure composable HPE : Pour faire le lien entre l’IT traditionnelle et l'économie des idées

Livre blanc

Dans une ère de l'informatique aux opportunités - et aux risques - sans précédent, l'infrastructure composable HPE fait le lien entre l'informatique traditionnelle et l'économie des idées, afin de répondre aux nouvelles exigences.

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Accélération de l'entreprise nouvelle génération avec l'infrastructure composable HPE

FAQ : What Is Composable Infrastructure?


What Is Composable Infrastructure?

Brochure : Composable For Dummies

Composable for Dummies

Composable for Dummies

Brochure : Top 10 Reasons to Move to Composable Infrastructure


Top Ten Reason

Rapport d'analyste : Créez une infrastructure agile pour votre équipe DevOps

Rapport d'analyste

Alignez votre infrastructure sur site avec les opérations de votre équipe DevOps pour favoriser l'agilité dans la mise en œuvre de nouveaux services informatiques et applications.

Brochure : Unlock Value and Accelerate Success with Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy


See how you can unlock value and accelerate success with Composable Infrastructure and HPE Synergy for IT infrastructure and data management

Rapport d'analyste : Hudson Alpha Adopts HPE Synergy to Accelerate Genomics Research

Hudson Alpha
Rapport d'analyste

Hudson Alpha

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Visitez la communauté des systèmes intégrés HPE pour découvrir les ressources et les blogs les plus récents sur l'infrastructure composable