Cloud Workloads

What are Cloud Workloads?

Cloud workloads are applications and services that utilize cloud resources in order to run analysis or transactional processing. 

What is cloud workload protection?

Cloud workload protection entails maintaining security of workloads as they are transferred between cloud environments. This protection provides constant threat assessment and mitigation, keeping cloud environments secure. With an uptick in ransomware attacks on enterprise organizations, cloud workload protection is necessary to keep workloads secure and reduce downtime or loss of data.

What workloads are good for the cloud?

Workloads that require a quick turn-around or that are restricted by a pre-determined timeline, as well as workloads that necessitate collaboration, remote management, and video streaming or conferencing are best for running in the cloud. Cloud workloads are incredibly efficient, with the ability to provision foundational elements in the moment, and are often structured on a pay-per-use model. This saves enterprise organizations time, capital, and resources to accomplish these types of workloads.

How do you secure cloud workloads?

There are several steps you must take in order to secure your organization’s cloud workloads, taking both the systems and infrastructure of cloud workloads into consideration.

  • Appropriate configuration of your workload is critical to preventing any breaches from occurring. With attacks at an all-time high, your organization must consistently verify that configurations and rules are free of errors. The process of configuration and reconfiguration requires a constant reconciliation of data within your applications.
  • Automation can significantly reduce the pressure of security breaches, as automated security solutions are deployed within the overall application as well as within the specific workload. The cloud allows for immediate changes and movement of data—this means that your security within cloud workloads demands automated configurability, as this is one of the only ways to keep pace with rapid updates. Automation is one of the only true solutions to reduce the margin of error within your workloads.
  • Immediately addressing existing vulnerabilities within code is crucial to securing workloads on the cloud. Developing a solid strategy as the foundation of your security solution will allow you to effectively assess vulnerabilities and protect them from being exploited.

HPE and cloud workloads

Optimizing workload placement is achievable by moving workloads to the cloud. With HPE GreenLake cloud services and ecosystem, you can deliver fast business outcomes. This edge-to-cloud platform is designed to sustain even your most complex workloads. And now with an even more diverse array of business application offerings, your enterprise organization can experience enhanced accuracy, competitiveness, product quality, and time to market.

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