Data Services Cloud Console brings the cloud experience to wherever data lives and streamlines data management across your hybrid cloud. It provides a suite of cloud services across your edge, core and cloud to accelerate data, agility and innovation for everyone, from data managers to data innovators.

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Deliver cloud operations

Automate infrastructure management at scale with cloud agility. Leverage simplified deployment, intent-based provisioning and invisible upgrades* – all globally managed via a cloud console accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Unify data management

Architected as a single destination to streamline data access, protection and mobility across edge to cloud, Data Services Cloud Console will enable your organisation to accelerate data-driven innovation, protect data everywhere and intelligently move data across clouds.

Accelerate innovation

Accelerate app development and deployment and enable developers, data scientists and analysts to tap into the full potential of your data with a foundation for new data services, enabled by a unified API across edge to cloud infrastructure.

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Simplify and accelerate deployment

Deploy new data infrastructure on demand. New systems are automatically discovered, onboarded and easily configured. With Data Services Cloud Console, you can add devices to your fleet in minutes.

Enjoy intent-based provisioning

Streamline infrastructure provisioning at scale with automatic, optimised data infrastructure deployment for your app workloads across a global fleet. Reduce provisioning from days to minutes, eliminate guesswork and optimise service-level objectives. Move from an LUN-centric, manual process to an intent-based, AI-driven approach that automatically determines where data should best be stored across a global fleet.

Manage from anywhere

Eliminate silos and complexity by managing infrastructure globally with a single, intuitive SaaS-based user experience accessible from anywhere and on any device. Managing hundreds of systems is now as simple as managing one.

Automate and orchestrate at scale

Manage infrastructure at cloud speed and scale with a fully programmable, unified API. Data Services Cloud Console delivers a highly extensible, API-first control plane that enables you to automate operations with your choice of orchestration tool.

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Leverage a suite of SaaS-based apps to power a cloud operational experience across the edge, core and cloud with simple deployment, intent-based provisioning and automated infrastructure management at scale.

HPE DataOps Manager

Deploy new data infrastructure in minutes, and manage and monitor your cloud-native infrastructure globally from any device.

Intent-Based Provisioning

Leverage the power of AIOps to automatically deploy apps on the optimal resource across a global fleet.


Transform data and infrastructure management with comprehensive cloud services that turn traditionally complex data operations into a radically streamlined experience across clouds.

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Unleash data with cloud data services

Data Services Cloud Console provides the foundation for a seamless, streamlined experience for data managers and data consumers to access, protect, search and mobilise data from edge to cloud. A single destination for data lifecycle management and orchestration across data infrastructure enables organisations to reduce operational costs, accelerate data-driven innovation, and minimise business and compliance risks.

Simplify IT with cloud infrastructure services

Harness a consistent cloud operating and consumption experience that abstracts data infrastructure control, eliminates management silos from edge to cloud and enables as-a-service administration from a single console. Deploy new data infrastructure on demand, leverage new features instantly and get global visibility across systems. Operate at cloud scale and speed by automating your infrastructure with a fully programmable, single API end-point in the cloud. Data Services Cloud Console makes infrastructure so effortless it becomes invisible.

Power innovation with cloud platform services

Data Services Cloud Console is built on the secure and proven technology that underpins Aruba Central, which serves 90,000 customers and 10 million endpoint devices via clusters deployed globally. It’s a foundation that features advanced multi-level security, including encrypted connectivity, multi-factor authentication and role-based access control. And Data Services Cloud Console’s micro-services architecture makes it simple to rapidly develop, deploy and scale new cloud data and infrastructure services.


Harness ground-breaking cloud-native data infrastructure that powers your data, wherever it lives. HPE Alletra, managed by Data Services Cloud Console, delivers the cloud experience – at edge, core and cloud – via a portfolio of workload-optimised systems that are available on demand and delivered as a service.