Belgium DHL Returns Instructions

We would like to inform you that the defective part must be returned within 3-4 days from the delivery of the replacement one.
All parts delivered by DHL have to be returned by DHL


In order to return your defective part, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please, use the shipping box of the replacement spare part to return the faulty part.
  2. Use the return label of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise replacement part ( all return labels are in a pouch on the box).
  3. Contact DHL directly to make an appointment for the collection:
    DHL phone number is: 02 715 50 50
    Provide the DHL customer number for Belgium: 969007939
  4. Provide your contact details: address, phone, contacts and date of appointment.


If you do not have a return label, or you have any question regarding the parts return, please send an email to