HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise

Streamline and modernize across your multi-gen IT with a fully managed cloud experience for bare metal, containers, and VMs in your private environment.

A public cloud experience for your private cloud

Realize your data's potential with a reimagined private cloud built for your hybrid strategy. HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise brings a cloud operating model to your apps and data across your locations—datacenters, colocation facilities or at the edge—delivering the security and scalability your business demands.

Reinvent your cloud to accelerate your impact

A hybrid multi-cloud strategy has its complexities, but your private cloud doesn’t need to. Delivered as a managed service, we take care of the infrastructure so you can focus on your workloads and fast-track your path to innovation.

Modernize multi-gen IT with a consistent cloud experience

Deliver a true cloud experience across any app or mission-critical workload – traditional or cloud-native. Secure and scalable with pay-as-you-go pricing without the cost, risk, and effort of refactoring.

Simplify cloud for your people

Built-in automation and seamless self-service access simplifies cloud for your IT, developer and FinOps teams. Integrations with your favorite tools enable your teams to develop and deploy applications faster.

Our customers

Delivering Real Value Across the Hybrid and Multi Cloud Ecosystem

The Futurum Group reviews HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise, assessing the business benefits and how it is fulfilling customer demand for a modern private cloud experience.

Edge computing built for the distributed enterprise

Bring compute closer to your data with a managed private cloud that’s easily scalable across thousands of locations to support your edge workloads outside the data center.

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise with colocation

Optimize your private cloud experience—wherever your data resides—with a comprehensive solution that features critical gains in performance, simplicity, cost savings, and sustainability – all while easing the burden of maintaining your own data center.

HPE GreenLake cloud for regulated environments

Highly regulated vertical industries have unique requirements for low and no connection to the internet, whilst maintaining cloud-like operations and capabilities for their mission-critical applications. HPE GreenLake cloud for regulated environments delivers sovereign and disconnected cloud services where they are needed.


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Take a closer look at the features, capabilities, and reference architecture of HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise.

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  • Bare metal
  • Containers
  • Virtual machines
  • Developer experience
  • Consumption analytics

Create a bare metal compute instance

Learn how easy it is for cloud operators to spin up the bare metal resources their workloads demand, with intuitive self-service menus and automation.

Create a bare metal compute group

Learn how cloud operators can create logical groupings of bare metal resources, simplifying the deployment of underlying infrastructure resources and operating systems to rapidly meet the demand of cloud consumers.

Create and add resources to a Kubernetes cluster

Learn how organizations can take advantage of containerization and the benefits of the cloud experience, while keeping some or all their apps on-premises. IT administrators can now quickly create, scale, and manage Kubernetes clusters from a simple self-service user interface.

Create Kubernetes cluster blueprints

Learn how cloud administrators and developers can leverage machine and cluster blueprints to speed up and better control the provisioning of clusters in their environments.

Configure the private cloud environment

Learn how IT administrators can create images, policies, and workflows that make it easy to quickly spin up the virtual machine resources that end users need with just a few clicks.

Provision a virtual machine app

Learn how easy it is for IT administrators to quickly create and provision a virtual machine instance and make changes to deployed services.

Create a DevOps project

Learn how, with the power of automation, developer teams save time and develop faster, removing the complexity, using the convenient built-in developer experience.


Create a CD pipeline with a release trigger

Learn how the powerful DevOps tools help streamline the software delivery process, reducing the risk, and improving the resource utilization and application performance.

Create showback reports

Learn how to create showback reports that align hybrid cloud usage and spending with departments, projects, or users, making it easier to gain visibility and drive fiscal responsibility across the business.

Forecast hybrid cloud capacity

Learn how HPE GreenLake meters usage daily and uses that information to proactively plan and provision additional capacity ahead of demand. This ensures that customers always have the capacity they need while only paying for what they use.

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