Streamline IT operations with virtualization

Virtualization offers exceptional agility and flexibility for a variety of workloads. But manually assembling, provisioning, and managing the infrastructure necessary to deliver a cloud-like experience can be complex. It also generally requires significant capital investment and having specialized skills available to manage and maintain your environment.

Get the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform experience

Whether you’re looking to expand the virtualized capacity of your data center or you’re making an initial move to virtual machines, the HPE GreenLake delivers the flexibility, agility, and velocity your business demands entirely as a service, with a lower total cost of ownership than you’d see with a traditional hardware purchase.

Whether you want just the on-premises infrastructure to support virtualized workloads, or you prefer the ability to stand up VMs in minutes in your private cloud, the HPE GreenLake delivers the power, speed, and flexibility of the public cloud, deployed as a service in your data center and managed for you. You’ll also have exceptional visibility into—and control over—costs and resource utilization, and HPE works with you to expand your configuration as your needs evolve.

Significant cost savings

Reduce your total cost of ownership and eliminate the need for expensive overprovisioning, saving resource costs around managing on-premises hardware. HPE owns and installs the VM infrastructure in your on-premises or colocated data center, your remote office/branch office (ROBO), or your edge location—and there’s no up-front capital investment.

Pay only for what you use

The HPE GreenLake platform offers you a pay-per-use solution for on-premises virtualization. Variable monthly payments are based on your actual usage above your reserved capacity, with HPE managing and metering your usage for you. And built-in buffer capacity means you’re always prepared in case of growth or unexpected demand spikes.

Easy to configure, easy to consume

Assembling your own bespoke virtualization solution can be costly and complex. Get the infrastructure that you need, tailored to your business, your VMs, and your budget. If you want the flexibility of the public cloud in an on-premises solution, we offer the HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise service as a turnkey service that provides self-service, point-and-click management for your VMs. Standardized packages make it simple to choose your right configuration, and it can be up and running in your location in a matter of days.

Options to suit your business and your workloads

Whether your needs are best served by general-purpose non-hyperconverged solutions, or if you operate a hyperconverged environment, or even if your environment requires mission-critical resiliency, we have preconfigured options to meet your needs. We also offer an option that is built, configured, installed, maintained, owned, and operated by HPE in your on-premises or colocated data center that’s ideal for your cloud-native applications and workloads.


HPE GreenLake for VMs provides an on-premises private-cloud experience that enables exceptional DevOps performance with point-and-click simplicity. The HPE GreenLake platform also offers several configurations for VM infrastructure based on modular building blocks offered in cost-optimized, balanced, or performance options. Whichever option you choose, you can order, receive, and implement resources quickly in your location and grow capacity ahead of demand. Variable monthly payments are based on metered usage above your reserved capacity, and you have transparent visibility into your costs and usage in near-real-time with HPE GreenLake Central.

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise provides an automated, flexible private cloud for customers to use for any of their apps.  It is a true cloud service that supports bare metal, containers and VMs in any combination across the infrastructure.  Users self-serve their own VMs, containers or bare metal using an intuitive portal, or APIs, CLI, or IaC, and with fast provisioning of resources they can run apps in the environment they need.

HPE GreenLake for general purpose VM infrastructure

This solution features VMware or Red Hat hypervisors and either HPE converged or industry-standard systems to deliver cost- or performance-optimized infrastructure in a pay-per-use model. You can choose systems based on HPE’s market-leading, industry-standard server: HPE ProLiant.

HPE GreenLake for HCI

Leverage the agility and simplicity of cloud to power apps and data everywhere. HPE GreenLake for HCI ensures fast and reliable delivery of apps and insights to your business while enabling you to transform from VM admin to internal service provider and stay focused on innovation.

HPE GreenLake for enterprise-ready VM infrastructure

Purpose-built to scale, using HPE Synergy composable systems and either HPE Primera or Nimble storage, these choices enable you to manage performance carefully, re-compose resources to match workload needs, and scale to meet your needs.

“We have over 10,000 virtual machines delivering services. Synergy is well suited to run a multitenant environment like this because we can easily configure segregated virtual environments for each customer while having a common infrastructure to manage.”


Madjid Saeedi, enterprise architect for Sopra Steria

Experience HPE GreenLake cloud services

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